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Teamwork in Training Dinner
The Teamwork in Training Dinner at NAFI’s headquarters in the Kalamazoo AirZoo East Campus is a part of NAFI’s Teamwork in Training weekend.

Special Guest Speaker Captain Al Haynes

pilot of United Airlines Flight 232
and his presentation:
Teamwork in Crisis.”

Saturday Evening, December 8, 2012
NAFI’s Headquarters, East Campus of the Kalamazoo AirZoo
$75.00 Per Person

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Captain Al Haynes, Captain of
United Flight 232 will join the event
and speak about the Story of Flight 232
and how teamwork played a critical role.

Appetizers begin at 5pm eastern time 
Dinner begins at 6pm eastern time.
Attendees will be served appetizers
of Bruschetta, Hummus with Pita
Points, and Cocktail Meatballs.  
An Autumn Salad will be served
before the dinner of Rosemary
Chicken, Roast Pork Loin with
sides of Roasted Potatoes, Herbed
Rice, Green Beans Amandine.  
Desert will follow.

The Teamwork in Training weekend is an effort to encourage flight training industry leaders to work together to help instructors be more successful in combating low pilot certificate completions.  The goal of the collaboration is to help all parties work together to ensure training providers have the tools necessary to successfully provide training.  Through collaboration of flight training industry leaders, NAFI believes that the overall pilot training experience can be improved, resulting in more pilots entering the U.S. aviation system.

"The Story of Flight 232"

That 184 people survived the crash landing of United 232 can be attributed to five main factors: Luck, Communications, Preparation, Execution, and Cooperation. Luck involved the fact that the airplane remained flyable, location, weather, and time of day. Quick and total response by Air Traffic Control, cockpit and cabin crew training, proper inter-communications training among ground units, and proper use of available facilities contributed to the communications factor. A live drill leading to improvements and better planning for disasters coupled with thorough training of cockpit and cabin crews helped prepare everyone of this seemingly impossible task. Everyone responded as his or her training dictated and required a total team effort coupled with complete cooperation from every agency involved as well as the general public. These factors allowed what appeared to be a non-survivable accident to be one in which a large percentage of those aboard to survive.

Captain Al Haynes

Captain Al Haynes was born in Paris, Texas and raised in Dallas. He attended Texas A&M College before joining the Naval Aviation Cadet Training program in 1952. He was released from the service in 1956 after serving as a Marine Aviator. He joined United Airlines that year as a flight engineer and served in that capacity until his promotion to first officer in 1963. He flew the DC-6, DC-7, DC-8, Boeing 727, and DC-10. Al was promoted to captain in 1985 and flew the Boeing 727 and DC-10 up to his retirement in August 1991, accumulating over 27,000 hours of flight time. Al has been a volunteer umpire for Little League Baseball for the past 36 years and a stadium announcer for high school football for the past 30 years.

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