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Former NAFI Master Instructors
Below is an incomplete list of previous NAFI Master Instructors. If you are a former Master and would like to be added to this page, please send a short aviation biography and a photo to [email protected] and we will be honored to add you to this page. We at NAFI thank all former Masters for their contributions and dedication to both to NAFI and the instructional community.
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Joseph Perrotta, Associate MCFI 5/2015-5/2017: Joe Perrotta of Peachtree Georgia was bitten by the aviation bug at an early age. Visits to John F. Kennedy International Airport with his father to watch the takeoffs and landings convinced him that he wanted to fly.

Perrotta attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Science and his flight instructor certificate. He then added his CFII and MEI at the university.  After graduation, he returned to Embry-Riddle as an instructor to share his passion with incoming students.  He honed his piloting skills while flying for a Part 121 carrier.  Due to his commitment to safety and “by the book” approach to flying, he was selected to take part in a risk analysis assessment used to identify threats on the flight deck and design procedures to minimize those threats.  He now instructs under Part 61 at his local airport with a good friend he met while flying the line.  This is where you will find him whenever he isn’t caring for his future student, his son.

Perrotta’s commitment to quality teaching motivated him to obtain his Master’s Degree in Physics Education. He is most proud of the aviation club he formed at a local high school to introduce young adults to the many career paths in the aerospace field.  The club has toured corporate flight departments, aviation museums, and approach control facilities.  He also has a love for warbirds, so he has taken the club to see an AT-11, B-17, B-24, P-51, SBD Dauntless, and Corsair.  In addition, he has helped many of the club members earn their private pilot certificates.   He hopes to see the club grow in size, and to be able to continue to mentor young adults towards successful careers in aerospace.

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Luke Watters, MCFI 4/2015-4/2017: Born and raised in Whitefish, MT, Watters began flight training at age 12 in the mountains of the Flathead Valley, soloed on his 16th birthday and had his pilot's certificate by 17. The first pages in his logbook include rolls, loops, and hammerheads in a glider as well as backcountry flights in a Cub. From those flights on he was hooked on aerobatics and dirt strips. Watters received his Bachelors in Aeronautical Science at LeTourneau University in Longview, TX, where he also completed his CSEL/CMEL, CFI, CFII, and MEI Certificates. Luke, a Gold Seal flight instructor, has logged 3300 hours of flight time, over 2700 hours of which are dual given. His specialties include aerobatic flight training in an Extra 300, mountain/canyon training, and upset recovery instruction.

Watters is currently the chief flight instructor and a backcountry charter pilot for a small FBO in Utah. He previously worked as a Part 141 assistant chief flight instructor and director of flight operations in Texas, before deploying to Afghanistan on a one-year contract to operate the RQ-7 Shadow 200 UAS in 2011.
Watters enjoys skiing, riding motorcycles, playing guitar, shooting guns, and spending time with his wife, Sarah Beth. Click to Download Luke's Press Release!
Jason Depew, MCFI 3/2015-3/2017: Depew was the kid who was terrible in Little League because traffic at the airport next to the soccer field constantly distracted him from the game.  He started flying at Colorado Contrails Aviation during high school and moved on to instruct in gliders as a cadet in the USAF Academy’s soaring program.

Since the academy, Depew has accumulated more than 1800 combat hours on deployments to Afghanistan, Djibouti and elsewhere.  He’s served as an Instructor and evaluator pilot and has flown the B-1B, U-28A, T-6A, T-38C, E-11A, TG-4A, and TG-10B/C/D.

Unable to fully satisfy his appetite for flying at work, Depew is also active in general aviation.  He has flown as a mission pilot, instructor and evaluator with the Civil Air Patrol any time his deployment schedule allowed.  He’s given civilian glider instruction as a member of the Black Forest Soaring Society and the Black Hills Soaring Club.  As chief pilot of EAA Chapter 1493, Depew has helped introduce dozens of young people to aviation through the Young Eagles program.   He also gives tailwheel and military-to-GA transition training
in his 1950 C-170A.
Depew’s favorite students so far are his two children who fight over the copilot seat in the family Cessna.  He’s worked with some friends to publish “The Flying Adventures of Panda and Baileron,” a series of eBooks based loosely on his daughter and her dog.  He hopes they’ll inspire kids, especially girls like his daughter, to get excited about aviation. Click to Download Jason's Press Release!
Sue Ballew, MCFI 3/2015-3/2017: Ballew earned her private pilot certificate in 1996 and began instructing in 1999.  She received a Citation V Type Rating and then was hired by American Eagle to fly in the Caribbean, Miami, Bahamas, and Cuba.

Since 2007 Ballew has been instructing fulltime as an independent flight instructor and has logged 6,000 hours of dual given, and is seaplane rated.

Ballew is very active in the Ninety-Nines, having won numerous awards within the organization, and was named CFI of the Year for West Valley Flying Club (the largest flying club in the U.S. at the time). She organizes monthly flyouts and is newsletter editor for the club, has flown in several air races, was named to the AOPA Honor Roll twice, and was inducted into the international Forest of Friendship in 2014.

John Cutcher, MCFI 2/2015-2/2017: Cutcher wanted to be a pilot from early age, crediting his career path to some of his fondest memories as a child while playing in a B-36 bomber.

Cutcher learned to fly at the former Ramey Air Force Base Aero Club in Puerto Rico (the base closed in the 1970s), and earned his private pilot’s certificate in high school. He later worked as a CFI for the Kirtland Air Force Base Aero Club in Albuquerque, while attending University of New Mexico.

Cutcher later completed U.S. Navy flight training and spent a career flying multi-engine aircraft, including instructing in the Beechcraft C-12, Grumman TS-2A and Lockheed P-3 B/C. After retiring from the navy, Cutcher flew for US Airways, based in the Baltimore, until retiring from airline flying and becoming chief pilot for a pharmaceutical company.
Cutcher is a Gold Seal freelance CFI, and was asked by the Baltimore FSDO to serve as DPE and FAASTeam representative.  In his time as a FAASTeam Representative, Cutcher has produced and conducted safety seminars in Maryland, Pennsylvania , Rhode Island and New York. He also recently became the only DPE in the United States to complete the Searey Flight Instructors Association training program in one of the first factory certified Seareys produced. Cutcher has also owned a Cessna 150/150 Texas taildragger for over 20 years.

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Michael Schwahn, MCFI 12/2014-12/2016: Schwahn is a born and raised Montana resident who was first introduced to aviation at the age of 16.  Aviation was always been a part of his life growing up, but the decision to make it into a career didn’t come until September 2006.  While studying mechanical engineering at Montana State University, Schwahn decided to pursue aviation as a full-time major.  His first flight lesson ensued through Summit Aviation and he soloed in October 2006.  He received his Private, Instrument and Commercial ratings at Summit Aviation and added Airplane Single Engine Sea in south Florida.  Schwahn’s drive for knowledge kept pushing him towards CFI, CFI-I and eventually through MEI, at which point he was hired by Summit Aviation in 2010.

With only 300 hours total time, Schwahn began instructing.  From the beginning of his CFI training until today, he has stood out from his peers with his ability to relate to any individual.  This ability to adapt to all learning styles is one of the many reasons he was chosen to be an Assistant Chief Instructor for Summit Aviation.

Schwahn is also a captain for Summit Aviation’s charter service and crews a Phenom 100 jet. His ratings include: ATP Multi-Engine, Commercial Single-Engine Land and Sea, CFI, CFI-I, MEI, EMB-500 type and Instrument Ground Instructor. Schwahn has also been recognized by AOPA two years in a row for the Flight Training Excellence Honor Roll.

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Jason Grafel, MCFI 11/2014-11/2016: Jason Grafel was born in Laramie, WY.  As an “Army Brat,” while growing up he had the opportunity to live all over the United States and Germany.. As the son of a U.S. Army aviator, he developed a passion for aviation early in life. After graduating from the University of Wyoming, Grafel served in the army both stateside and in Iraq and Korea as a UH-60 Blackhawk mechanic and crew member. After his time in the army, Grafel pursued a corporate career in the insurance industry. Realizing that he did not have passion for what he was doing, Grafel left his corporate job in 2011and returned to college to pursue his dream of becoming a pilot. He attended Montana State University where he completed his professional pilot course work.  While attending MSU, Grafel trained at Summit Aviation where he completed his pilot ratings from zero time to CFI in 20 months. After graduation, Grafel was hired at Summit as a full-time flight instructor. He is currently assistant chief instructor at Summit and on the adjunct faculty at MSU teaching courses in aircraft systems, commercial, and instrument ground.  His certificates include CFI, CFII, MEI, and IGI. Grafel was recognized on the 2014 AOPA Flight Training Excellence Honor Roll for outstanding flight instruction. Click to Download Jason's Press Release!
Janine Nunes, MCFI 11/2014-11/2016: Janine Nunes began her flight training just after her 15th birthday.  One year later she soloed with 99 hours.  She continued with her flight training, becoming a multi-engine private pilot on her 17th birthday.  Having no idea what she wanted to do, but knowing that she never wanted to be a teacher, Janine went to Kansas State University to pursue her college degrees.  After becoming a commercial pilot at 18, she took the next step to becoming a CFI, even though she felt no grand desire for it.  Once she began instructing in 1999, that all changed and she has never stopped teaching.  Even as her career progressed to corporate and then the airlines, Nunes kept returning to teach at K-State.  As an assistant chief instructor for KSU, Nunes taught all levels of college courses and found her passion was teaching private pilots and CFI initial applicants.

In 2009, Nunes left the plains of Kansas for the mountains of Montana where she is the chief instructor for Summit Aviation in Bozeman and continues her love of teaching at Montana State University in its aviation degree program.  She oversees 20 of her personally trained CFIs as they flight instruct over 150 students to completion each year.  She has led the flight school to be named an AOPA Top 5 Flight School with the Summit Aviation CFIs taking AOPA Outstanding Flight Instructor awards.  For someone who never wanted to be a teacher, she sure seems to be enjoying it.
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Jamie Poppe, MCFI 10/2014-10/2016: Jamie Poppe was born in West Lafayette, Indiana while her parents attended Purdue University.  Her father graduated when she was 6 months old, and the family moved away from Indiana. When Poppe was 18 years old, she fell in love with flying and returned to West Lafayette to attend Purdue University, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology and a Master of Science in Education.

Poppe is now the chief flight instructor at the Purdue College of Technology.  She has been flying for 23 years and has accumulated over 8,800 hours and given approximately 7,500 hours of dual instruction. She has a gold seal CFI certificate with single, multiengine, and instrument airplane ratings.  She has been training and mentoring new flight instructors for over 18 years and specializes in initial CFI training. In addition to instructing, Poppe has flown corporate transportation in a Beechjet 400 and a Phenom 100. She holds a flight engineer certificate in a B-727.

Jamie is also judge for the International Aerobatic Club (IAC) and emphasizes spin and upset recovery training.  She has several hundred hours teaching basic aerobatics in an American Champion Decathlon and a DeHavilland Chipmunk. Poppe’s son Kevin is 12-years-old and often volunteers at IAC contests.  He hopes to major in aeronautical engineering at Purdue. Click to Download Jamie's Press Release!
Elias Kontanis, Associate MCFI 10/2014-10/2016: Elias began flying in 2001 at the East Hill Flying Club in Ithaca, New York.  He earned his CFI with Aviation Adventures in Manassas, Virginia in 2012 and became a part-time instructor for the company the same year.  As a one-time "Rusty Pilot," Elias is passionate about encouraging lapsed pilots to re-engage with aviation.  To this end, he specializes in comprehensive flight reviews.  He equally enjoys working with those aspiring to earn their private pilot certificates and commercial certificates.  Elias also volunteers as a FAASTeam representative for the Washington FSDO and was recognized on the AOPA 2014 Flight Training Excellence Awards Honor Roll.

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James Whittles, MCFI 5/2002-8/2016: This is Whittles' Third NAFI Master Instructor accreditation.

Whittles was raised during his formative years in Kettering, Ohio just a short distance from the Wright’s Cycle Company.  His inspiration for flying was inherited from his father, who flew as an instructor in the Army Air Corps.  Despite a keen interest, Whittles didn’t start flying until his mid thirty’s, earning Private to CFI in only two years. He then successfully developed a flight school in Holland, Michigan after the local FBO left in 1991. His biggest thrill during that time, was helping a young paraplegic man who had been injured in a car accident learn to fly and successfully earn his Private Pilot Certificate.

Whittles joined the College of Aviation at Western Michigan University in 2001 as a Lead Instructor. In this position his duties include giving progress and stage check to students, as well as standardizing new hire instructor staff at all levels. He also had the privilege of teaching upset/unusual attitude/spin training in the two University Extra 300s.  In addition to his flight responsibilities, Whittles teaches the instrument ground school, and has done so for over thirteen years, including a transition to technically advanced aircraft. This transition brought Cirrus SR-20’s to the University, and allowed for him to achieve his Cirrus Standardization (CSIP) in 2007. With knowledge in teaching flight using advanced avionics, Whittles leads a contract for the University working with FAA inspectors for Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) training. He also routinely works with FAA Designated Examiners that want to provide check rides in the University fleet. 

Whittles speaks annually at the Great Lakes Aviation Conference on topics related to flying with technology, dependence on automation, human factors, and using new skills with tablet technology. He also spoke and facilitated a seminar for the State of Michigan Department of Transportation on iPad use in the cockpit and recently spoke at the WATs (World Aviation Training Conference) Conference on Engaging the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals with Tablet Technology.

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  Timothy Lemke, MCFI 7/2002-8/2016: This is Lemke's Seventh consecutive NAFI Master Instructor accreditation.

Tim Lemke was fascinated with airplanes and aviation from the time he was a small child, growing up on a dairy farm near Green Bay, Wisconsin. He began pursuing that aviation interest in his mid-twenties by earning his private pilot’s license in 1976. Lemke continued his training by obtaining an instrument rating in 1985, followed by a commercial pilot’s license in 1987 and the flight instructor license in 1988. Lemke now has accumulated over 5200 flight hours including more than 4200 hours of dual instruction given and has recommended more than 75 pilots for practical tests.

Lemke is the current president of the Winnebago Flying Club based at Wittman Field Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, a position he has held for the past dozen years. He is also a representative for the FAA FAASTeam and a member of the National Association of
Flight Instructors, the Aircraft Owners and
Pilots Association, and the Experimental Aircraft Association. Lemke serves on NAFI’s Master Flight Instructor Board of Review, and was awarded NAFI’s Jack Eggspuehler Award in 2013.

Lemke retired from Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation in 2011 where he was the manager of the Manufacturing Engineering function at Gulfstream’s Appleton, Wisconsin facility.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Arts Education from Stout State University.

Lemke continues to be very active with flight instructional activities at both the Appleton and Oshkosh Airports. He specializes in primary and instrument instruction and also provides tailwheel instruction and specialized instruction for the Garmin 430/530 GPS.
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Jose R. Vargas Otero, MCFI 06/2014-06/2016: José Vargas was born and raised in a small town in Puerto Rico called Guaynabo.  It was there where his enthusiasm and interest in aviation developed as he observed military fighters flying over his house in Puerto Rico. His full devotion was attained when he experienced a small flight in the Grand Canyon as part of a scenic tour. In 2001, at the age of 19, Vargas received his acceptance to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to pursue his airline pilot career.

At Embry-Riddle, Vargas completed all his flight training along with a Bachelors of Science in Aeronautical Science degree.  In 2012, he completed a Master of Science in Aeronautics degree from the same institution.

Since 2004, Vargas has been serving as an instructor pilot for his alma mater, Embry-Riddle.  He currently holds an ATP with ASEL and AMEL ratings, a Flight Instructor certificate with ASE, AME, & IA ratings, Ground Instructor certificate and over 4,500 hours of total aeronautical experience. In 2008, he became a Part 142 Training Center Evaluator (TCE) for Embry-Riddle; he continuously serves as a designee for the performance of practical tests for all courses.

In 2008 he became the Assistant Training Manager for the Flight Standards team at Embry-Riddle; a job he conducts with passion while hiring and standardizing instructor pilots.  Vargas also is one of
three Assistant Chief Flight Instructors and an adjunct professor for the Aeronautical Science Department.

In addition to his work related duties, he is the President of IAMAW Local Lodge 501-Daytona Beach Pilots; a flight instructor union that remains in solidarity since 2001.

He is about to celebrate his 10th anniversary as a flight instructor with the accomplishment of his MCFI and is aspiring to reach new heights in his aeronautical career.   Vargas would like to give his gratitude to his family, especially to his grandfather, Leonides, his grandmother, Cecilia, and his Uncle Papo for their shared dreams of flight. Click to Download Jose's Press Release!
Nathan Grupenhof, MCFI 05/2014-05/2016: Nathan was born and raised in a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio. His aspirations to become a pilot as a child came to fruition in the fall of 2007 while attending Ohio University. During his time spent at Ohio University, Grupenhof acquired all certificates and ratings required for graduation, and was able to flight instruct during his junior and senior years while completing course work for graduation.

After graduation in March 2011, Grupenhof moved back to the Cincinnati area and began working as an independent contractor. He primarily instructs through Lunken Flight Training Center specializing in Cirrus SR20, SR22 and C172SP training. While working as an independent contractor, he has been afforded the opportunity to fly over 20 different aircraft types ranging from a Velocity XLRG to B350.

While not instructing, Grupenhof also serves as a King Air 200 pilot for FlightLogix Aircraft Management. He is an FAA Gold Seal Instructor and an accredited CSIP Instructor (Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot), with more than 2600 total hours, including more than 1800 hours of dual given

When not flying, Grupenhof enjoys spending time with his wife Chandra of one year, and with close family and friends.

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James Kapenas, MCFI 05/2014-05/2016: James Kapenas is a 7400 hr Airline Transport Pilot and currently a full time Gold Seal/Senior instructor with one of the largest flying clubs in the world consisting of over 1400 members and 60 aircraft.

After high school, Kapenas spent four years in the USMC infantry and then attended the University of Massachusetts, graduating Summa Cum Laude with a degree in English and History.  He then moved to San Diego to begin his flying career in the year 2000.

Kapenas specializes in private pilot through ATP training as well as all cfi candidates and advanced avionics transition training.  He is the founder and chief pilot of San Diego Sky Tours and has recently begun a foray into the charter world flying a King Air B100 and an Eclipse jet.

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Benjamin Hastings, MCFI 05/2014-05/2016: Originally from Hillsdale Michigan, Benjamin Hastings started in aviation at an early age. His father, an aviation enthusiast, was instrumental in encouraging him to achieve his dream of flight. From the age of three, Hastings knew that he wanted to fly airplanes and has focused on that goal ever since. In November 2005, Hastings started taking flight lessons at his local airport in Hillsdale Michigan. "I was fortunate to have the support of my parents and my high school." Hastings stated. "I was even able to earn high school credit while in the air." He continued his flight training and earned his Private Pilot License before graduating high school.

In the fall of 2008, Hastings enrolled at Western Michigan University's College of Aviation. As an aviation administration major, he learned the fundamentals of aviation business while continuing to earn additional licenses and ratings. It was during this time that Hastings was able to participate on the Precision Flight Team. As a competing member, he traveled around the Midwest and worked closely with his teammates to
capture a seventh and fourth place finish at the national flight competition. During the 2012 national competition, he earned the Top Scoring Contestant award and placed second for the Top Pilot Award. To Hastings however, the real achievement was being able to fly with 15 of his closest friends.

While attending college, Hastings worked closely with his flight instructor to achieve his own flight instructor certificate. In August of 2010, he completed his practical test and earned the privilege to teach the art of flying. During the spring of 2012, he was promoted to Chief Flight Instructor and continues to enjoy working closely with his staff and students.

Hastings is a Certified Flight Instructor (CFII, MEI) and holds a Commercial Pilot Certificate. He currently resides in Wauseon Ohio and is employed by Stewart Aviation Services, Inc. as Chief Flight Instructor. Click to Download Benjamin's Press Release!
Richard Weber, MCFI 05/2014-05/2016: Richard Weber is the Chief Pilot/FW for the Jacksonville (FL) Sheriff’s Aviation Unit, where he has been assigned since 1998. Weber began his flying career in 1987 and earned his first flight instructor rating in 1995. Weber has spent his career flying law enforcement missions in helicopters as well as airplane fugitive extraditions across the United States. He has over 7,600 flight hours and holds an Airline Transport Pilot certificate for SEL, MEL and Rotorcraft/Helicopter and is a FAA-Certified Gold Seal Flight Instructor for Single and Multi-Engine Airplane, Rotorcraft/Helicopter, Instrument Airplane and Helicopter. Weber is a graduate of the USAF’s Advanced Instrument School and NVG Instructor School. He is Bell Helicopter factory trained in the Bell 206 and 407 and also receives currency training at the Simcom Training Center for the Piper Aerostar and Beechcraft King Air 200.

Weber travels around the U.S. and Canada presenting aviation-related training topics to include Spatial Disorientation and Inadvertent IMC. He has provided this training to law enforcement pilot’s at ALEA seminars and conferences, EMS helicopter pilots at various bases, commercial operators at Heli-Expo and other FAAST events as a FAAST team representative. Weber also provides Single, Multi-Engine Airplane and Helicopter training through his consulting business, Webair Aviation Training, LLC. 

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  Michael Reichert, MCFI 04/2012-04/2016: This is Reichert’s third consecutive NAFI Master Instructor accreditation.

Michael Reichert is an East Coast CFI specializing in Flight Instructor initial training, G1000 transition training, and Helicopter instruction.  Reichert’s flying “career” started at the age of 8 when his father took him for his first ride in a light twin airplane.  Unbeknownst to him, sliding back and forth across the back seat was just enough for his foot to inadvertently shut off fuel flow to one of the engines.  Crisis averted, it made a lasting impression.  It forever sparked the skyward fever, as well as provided early education for the necessity of good passenger briefings.  Reichert is currently a contract pilot as well as the Chief Flight Instructor for a Part 141 program in Pennsylvania.  He is a Gold Seal Flight Instructor holding CFI A&H, CFII A&H, MEI, and AGI.

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Ted Sanders, MCFI 07/2008-04/2016: This is Sanders' Third consecutive NAFI Master Instructor accreditation.

Sanders’ friends say he wanted to fly before he was born. In first grade Sanders started building and flying U-Line controlled gas powered model airplanes. He was competing in combat and rat race competitions through 4th grade. Sanders joined the United States Marine Corps in 1969 and became a CH-53D Crew Chief flying in excess of 1200 hrs. Upon return to the states in 1972 Sanders took flying lessons at the base flying club earning his Private License on July 4, 1973. He returned home and used his GI benefits to earn his Instrument Rating and Commercial License.

In January 2002, Sanders returned to flying and since then he has gone from an 800hr. pilot with those ratings to a Commercial Pilot with ASEL, ASES, AMEL and, Glider. He also is a CFI, CFII, MEI, CFI-G, Gold Seal Instructor, NAFI Master Instructor and FAAST team Representative. For three years Sanders flew freight for Northeast Aviation as a Captain and Training Airman. Sanders has logged in excess of 6000+ hrs.

In addition to joining the NAFI Board, Sanders chairs/participates on several NAFI Committees. Sanders enjoys his obligations as a member of the NAFI Board of Directors. 
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  Justin Anderson, MCFI 02/2012-03/2016: This is Anderson’s Second consecutive NAFI Master Instructor accreditation.

Justin Anderson is an ATP and CFI-IA who has been teaching as a contract flight instructor since 2008 and specializes in Cirrus and Advanced/ Instrument Instruction. In October of 2013, Anderson earned Cirrus Platinum Partner CSIP recognition.

Anderson conducts most of his training through Lunken Flight Training Center (www.flylftc.com) flying one of 3 Cirrus Aircraft or 2 Cessna 172SPs. Anderson also conducts contract factory instruction for Cirrus Aircraft in Duluth when they need extra hands on deck.

Beyond instruction, Anderson occasionally helps facilitate aircraft delivery for Steel Aviation and Lone Mountain Aircraft. He is also a King Air 200 pilot for FlightLogix (www.flightlogix.com) and King Air 350 pilot for Reynolds Jet Management (www.reynoldsjet.com). He is an FAA Gold Seal Instructor with flight time of over 4300 total, including over 3100 dual given.

When not flying, Anderson enjoys to travel, ski, run, and watch the Cincinnati Reds with his wife of a year and a Half, Sophie. She is also a flight instructor at the Sporty’s Academy.
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Greg Stine, MCFI 3/2014-03/2016: Greg Stine started his aviation career in 2008 while working as full time paramedic in Los Angeles and attending California State University, Fullerton majoring in Public Administration. Upon graduation he pursued his training full time in Riverside, CA at California Aviation Services earning Private through CFII helicopter ratings. Stine worked as full time paramedic and part time CFII for a couple years. In early 2013 he was hired on as a full time instructor with Upper Limit Aviation in West Memphis, AR. In addition to flight instruction Stine also taught college courses at Mid-South Community College in the Aviation department. Stine currently instructs at Cedar City airport in Southern Utah, and teaches the CFI college courses at Southern Utah University. He holds ATP Helicopter, AGI, and FAA Gold Seal Flight instructor for Helicopter CFI/II.

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Dr. David Freiwald, MCFI 01/2010-03/2016: This is Freiwald’s Third consecutive NAFI Master Instructor accreditation.

Dr. David Freiwald is an Assistant Professor of Aerospace and Occupational Safety in the College of Aviation at the Daytona Beach campus of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  He has received Bachelors and Masters degrees from Embry-Riddle and was in the inaugural graduating class from the university for the Ph.D. in Aviation.  Before joining the faculty he had spent over two decades in civil aviation flying for several airlines as captain, as well as serving as a Check Airman.  A currently designated Master CFI, Professor Freiwald has also been the Chief Flight Instructor of three flight schools during his career.  Additionally, Dr. Freiwald has been involved in the stand-up of ASAP and FOQA programs at two U.S. airlines in addition to performing consultation on SMS implementation for aviation organizations.  His research interests include the investigation of safety cultures within aviation organizations, quantifiable methods of assessing safety program compliance and efficacy, and levels of safety culture in aviation and other high-reliability organizations.
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Alexander Weeks, MCFI 03/2014-03/2016: Born and raised in Alaska, Alex Weeks was introduced to aviation at an early age. Weeks’ love of aviation was solidified when he was working as a backcountry surveyor for the U.S. Forest Service in southeast Alaska and traveled to work sites in helicopters or fixed wing aircraft on a daily basis. Weeks soon earned his private pilot certificate in Las Cruces, New Mexico and later his commercial and CFI certificates. In nearly 25 years of aviation, Weeks has served as a business jet and commercial helicopter pilot as well as CFI.

Weeks is currently an active instructor and Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot in the Oklahoma City area. As a FAAST Team representative Weeks regularly provides safety seminars and ground instruction. He is also a sailplane pilot and actively involved with the Oklahoma Soaring Association.

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Dwayne Morrison, MCFI 01/2010-2/2016: This is Morrison’s third consecutive NAFI Master Instructor accreditation.

Dwayne Morrison has been involved in the aviation industry for the past 25 years. He has been employed as an Aerospace Engineer, Airline Pilot, Flight Instructor and 141 Chief Flight Instructor. He is an ATP rated Gold Seal Flight Instructor with over 7,200 flight hours with over 3,500 hours as a flight instructor.
Morrison holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina Agriculture and Technical State University in Greensboro NC, and is pursuing a Masters of Science degree in Aviation Safety from the Florida Institute of Technology. He is currently employed as an Aviation Lecturer and Flight Instructor in the Aviation Science Program at Elizabeth City State University, Elizabeth City NC.

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Jamie Patterson-Simes, MCFI 02/2014-02/2016: Jamie Patterson-Simes soloed in a Cessna 172 through the Civil Air Patrol in Washington State with 10.4 hours as a 17-year-old. Recounting her experience, Simes stated “It was eight days of aviation immersion, with all meals, ground school and flight instruction included until you soloed for $200 total.” Enamored with flying, Simes went on to attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, and after graduation started flight instructing in 1993. At the flight school, pilots would come down from Alaska to train for additional ratings during the winter, and she became enthralled with their stories of adventure.

In 1995 Simes bought a one-way ticket to Anchorage, and soon found a job flight instructing at the largest flight training center in Alaska. Here Simes’ duties involved teaching students, accomplishing mountain checkouts, and completing flight reviews, all of which helped her increase her hours quickly, especially since there was no official nighttime for five weeks during the summer. After flight instructing in Anchorage, she made her way 400 miles west to Bethel, Alaska; now as a Part 135 Pilot flying off remote village strips and specializing in off-airport landings for hunters and guides. After flying in Bethel, Simes returned to Anchorage and worked as a charter and flightseeing pilot flying to Mt. McKinley.

Beginning in 2007, Simes started working at the University of Alaska Anchorage, in the Aviation Department acting as a CFI, adjunct faculty member, and mentor for hundreds of students. In May 2013, she graduated with her MBA. Simes is actively involved in the aviation community, serving on numerous boards and attending meetings related to airport development.

Simes owns a Cessna 150, the same one in which she had flight instructed in 1995. She currently instructs independently, has started her own consulting company, and ferries aircraft from Anchorage to the Lower 48 and Mexico. Click to Download Jamie's Press Release!
Christopher Carmody, MCFI 01/2014-01/2016: Christopher Carmody has been in general aviation since 1998 when he began his career at Parks College of Engineering, Aviation & Technology at Saint Louis University. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics majoring in Aviation Science/Professional Pilot and Aviation Management, as well as receiving a Business Certificate. Carmody’s pilot certifications include his Commercial Pilot’s Certificate for Multi-Engine, Single-Engine Land and Sea, and he is an FAA Certified Flight Instructor, Instrument Instructor and Multi-Engine Instructor.

Following graduation, Carmody took a position at Kansas Air Center in Topeka, Kansas, where he flight instructed, flew aerial photography and power-line patrol, worked line-service, and planned and built an FAA testing center for all pilot and mechanic knowledge exams. On weekends, he thoroughly enjoyed flying skydivers at Skydive Kansas in Osage City, Kansas. Carmody later moved back to his hometown of Kansas
City, and began working as a customer service representative and a contract flight instructor at Kansas City Aviation Center (KCAC) at Johnson County Executive Airport in Olathe, Kansas. He was later promoted to Assistant Flight School Manager where he sold flight training and an online degree program in addition to developing a multi-engine time-building program. Before long, Carmody was again promoted, this time to the role of Aircraft Sales Support/Demo Pilot, where he used his marketing and sales experience to grow market share with the complete line of Piper Aircraft; soon becoming Regional Director for Piper Aircraft and Diamond Aircraft.

In 2010, Carmody was honored as a Leadership Academy Fellow by his alma mater, Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology. As a Fellow, he hosted a workshop for Parks College students, sharing his experiences and offering career advice to students.

Throughout his career, Carmody continued to feed his passion for aviation. He and his wife vacationed in Alaska so that he could do some bush flying in a float plane, and he later attained his float plane rating on a trip to Minnesota. Over his career, he has given over 1,700 hours of instruction in various aircraft ranging in size from a Piper Cherokee to a Pilatus PC-12.

Currently, Carmody is an active instructor and owner of AIR Flight Training, which specializes in insurance-approved training for turbo-props and pistons in addition to providing aircraft management and consulting. He is presently an active member of the Industry Advisory Board of Parks College of Engineering, Aviation & Technology at Saint Louis University, which focuses on enhancing the aviation curriculum offered at the University. He is also actively involved with the Kansas City Business Aviation Association serving as a Board Member. Click to Download Christopher's Press Release!
Dave Johnson, MCFI 09/2011-01/2016: This is Johnson’s second consecutive NAFI Master Instructor accreditation.

Dave Johnson learned to fly off a private airstrip as a teenager on his family’s dairy farm in Alto, Michigan and has logged more than 3,300 hours during his 40 years in aviation. After graduating from Michigan State University, he worked for Steelcase Corporation for 25 years in the areas of training, human resources, marketing and sales. After leaving his corporate job, he founded and continues to run his own company – AIM USA INC. In addition, he has been a sales representative for diamond Aircraft.

Johnson has been a CFII since 2001 with more than 2,000 hours of instruction given. He instructs in a Diamond DA-40 – G1000 in Grand Rapids for Blue Sun Air. He specializes in private, instrument, commercial, CFI training and transitions into G1000-equipped aircraft. He also serves as second-in-command on a Citation 560.

In 2010 Johnson was designated as a pilot examiner and administers private, instrument and commercial check rides for the Grand Rapids Michigan F.S.D.O. Click to Download David's Press Release!
Daniel Foster, MCFI 01/2014-01/2016: Daniel Foster began his aviation career practically as soon as he was born. Both his parents served as U.S. Army helicopter pilots and his family roots could be traced back to the early days of aviation. He grew up in the aviation world, spending most of his weekends flying his family’s Piper J-3 Cub off a grass strip near Tampa Bay, FL. He currently holds ATP and CFI/II Rotorcraft Helicopter certificates, as well as Private Pilot Airplane Single Engine Land and Instrument.

Foster attended the University of Central Florida where he earned a degree in Business Management, and then attended Bristow Academy in Titusville, FL, where he acquired his rotorcraft helicopter certificates and instructed for several years. At Bristow, he became the Contract Program Manager, and was responsible for overseeing the flight training of students under contact by various government and agencies around the world. This offered him many unique international opportunities, including traveling twice to China to conduct ICAO English evaluations of potential Chinese helicopter pilots.

Foster eventually changed departments at Bristow Academy and started instructing for the Military Training Program. He was designated as the 141 Chief Flight Instructor for turbine helicopter courses, and designed a flight training syllabus for the United Arab Emirates military that integrated U.S. Army Fort Rucker training and FAA certification. He also was approved by the FAA to conduct 4040-2 checkout flights of FAA Inspectors for their initial and recurrent rotorcraft training as well as conduct Night Vision Goggle training.
In 2013, Foster was hired by Air Methods as an EMS helicopter pilot, based on the Florida/Georgia border. As the lead pilot at Airlife 9, he is responsible for managing the pilot operations at the base, and conducting on-demand 135 HEMS flights when requested.

When he is not flying EMS helicopters, Foster still provides instruction and completes stage checks and evaluations at Bristow Academy in his free time. He also stays active in the Florida aviation community, where he previously served as Secretary of the Central Florida Helicopter Association. Click to Download Daniel's Press Release!
  Greg McCabe, MCFI 12/2013-12/2015: In 1998 Greg McCabe started his flight training at the West Michigan Flying Club in Muskegon, Michigan. He gained a flight instructor license in 2011 and has added instrument instructor and multiengine airplane instructor since. Additionally, McCabe has also earned a commercial helicopter license. Originally working full time as an engineer at General Electric Aircraft Engines, in 2013, McCabe decided to dedicate himself to being an independent flight instructor.

Most of the teaching McCabe does is at the West Michigan Flying Club. When McCabe first received his instructor license, the flying club had two airplanes moth balled and was looking to sell several. After his first year of instructing, McCabe brought all of the airplanes back to flying status, and now there is a waiting list to get into the flying club. With the increase in demand, West Michigan Flying Club is now looking into purchasing more airplanes.
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Matthew Elia, Associate MCFI 12/2013-12/2015: Matthew Elia started taking flight lessons when he was 13 years old, and made his first solo flight at the Mansfield Airport on his 16th birthday, before going to the RMV to get his driver’s permit. In addition to being an active instructor, he presently serves as the Operations Manager for KING Aviation-Mansfield and as a MassDOT certified Assistant Airport Manager at the Mansfield Airport (1B9). Additionally, Elia is an adjunct faculty member at Daniel Webster College with the School of Aviation, where he teaches aviation management courses.

Elia attended Bridgewater State (then College) University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation. Following his undergraduate studies, while working for both an aviation technology company and flight instructing with KING on the weekends; Elia completed graduate school at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, earning an MBA with a concentration in Organizational Leadership.

Elia’s latest effort to advance the public perception of aviation is hosting a cable access television program called “Aviation Adventures” in Mansfield, MA! The show can be viewed on the cable access station in
Mansfield as well as on YouTube around the world. Moreover, he serves as a volunteer FAA Safety Team Representative and National Intercollegiate Flying Association event judge at regional competitions. Elia views his volunteer work, especially with NIFA, as a way to give back to the aviation community and an opportunity to share his passion for aviation safety with other pilots. Click to Download Matt's Press Release!
Bryan "BK" Kuklinski, MCFI 09/2011-12/2015: This is Kuklinski's second consecutive NAFI Master Instructor accreditation.

Bryan Kuklinski began his aviation pursuits building and flying model rockets and radio controlled airplanes. He joined the Civil Air Patrol as a cadet at the age of 13 which gave him the opportunity to fly orientation flights in full sized aircraft, visit Columbus AFB where he experienced flying the T-38 simulator, and attend private pilot ground school. He soloed in a Cessna 150 at the age of 17 and has since become a skilled professional aviator. Kuklinski’s professional development includes working as a Line Services Technician and with the Civil Air Patrol as a senior member, earning the rank of Major, and flying over 600 sorties as a search and rescue/orientation pilot.

Kuklinski holds a Commercial Pilot Certificate with multiple ratings and has flown in a plethora of aircraft. He is an experienced Flight Instructor for single and multi-engine airplanes with instrument rating. He also holds an Instrument Ground Instructor Certificate. Kuklinski has taught and managed flight operations at a
top-rated flight school working with international students in an airline oriented training program. He has given over 3000 hours of instruction. He was recognized as Instructor of the Month for his efforts and has been awarded the FAA Gold Seal. Kuklinski is also a FAAST Team Representative in Daytona Beach, FL and is a member of several aviation organizations.

Kuklinski has developed and conducted the 1st ever and currently the only FAA Safety Approved training for the Commercial Human Spaceflight Industry. His commitment to excellence in training has made him an industry leader. Kuklinski is currently developing a series of training courses while awaiting FAA approval for a rocket powered aircraft transition course, which allows commercial pilots to transition from traditionally powered aircraft to aircraft using rocket propulsion.
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Kevin Theys, MCFI 10/2013-10/2015: Kevin Theys started his aviation career flying gliders at the age of 14 in his native country of Belgium. In 2004 he came to the United State to study at Delta Connection Academy in Florida. After earning his IFR, CPL single and multi, Theys took the opportunity to become a CFI and CFII at his part 141 alma-mater.

A year later, Theys moved to the Fort Lauderdale area to begin to teach in a Part 61 school based in Pompano Beach. During that period he obtained the Gold Seal Certification and upgraded to a Chief Instructor Position.

In 2008, Theys moved back to Europe and converted his certificates to a European license. Soon after he began working at Glass Cockpit Aviation, based in Cannes, France to help in development of their IFR training using the FAA full training panel PPL to ATPL.

With about 4100 hours, including 3800 hours as an instructor, Theys spends his time as a pilot for private

owners, having the chance to fly in multiple countries, and continue doing what he likes the most, teaching students in IFR, technically advanced aircraft transition and type ratings. Click to Download Kevin's Press Release!
John Kolmos, Associate MCFI 10/2013-10/2015: John Kolmos started flying in 1990 and flew as a private pilot for almost 10 years before deciding it would be fun to be a part-time flight instructor.

Now, he is the director of safety and security for Liberty Jet Management. Kolmos manages operations, pilot ground training, drug and alcohol training and testing, as well as implementing the company’s safety management system (SMS). He is also the standards and evaluation officer for the Civil Air Patrol’s Long Island Group, working out of Long Island MacArthur Airport (KISP). In CAP, Kolmos has been flight instructing for over six years, and also works as a check pilot.

Kolmos received his master of science degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, with majors in human factors in aviation as well as educational technologies in aviation and aerospace. He is also currently
working on his Ph.D. in educational psychology, with a concentration in evaluation and measurement.

Kolmos also works as an adjunct professor at the City University of New York, teaching their aviation safety and security course for undergraduates. He is also active in the FAASTEAM and conducts IMC club meetings regularly at Republic Airport (KFRG) in Farmingdale Long Island on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 19:00. 

Kolmos is proud to say that he has also contributed to the “Pilots Audio Update” by Ron Tyler, and authored two newsletters on aviation; one is for Liberty jet and the other for CAP.  He prides himself in making his time available as often as needed to help anyone with aviation concerns.
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John Lampson, MCFI 10/2013-10/2015: Throughout his teens and well into his twenties, it was a love affair with the guitar and rock music that solely preoccupied this (then-future) aviator. It wasn't until reconnecting with an old high school friend some years later that John's attention took a turn in a completely unanticipated direction. Flying! "An evening flight with my old school friend and I was hooked! It was a beautiful night-flight from 4B8, along the CT and RI shoreline. The ride was smooth, the skies were clear, and the moon reflected off of the ocean like a scene from a movie".

It wasn't long after, (April 17, 1994, to be exact!), John took his introductory flight in a C-152 out of 7B9, an 1800' strip in Ellington, CT. "On Sept. 9 of that year, I flew home from my checkride at KBAF holding my temporary pilot certificate in hand, grinning from ear-to-ear!".

In the years to follow, John obtained his Instrument rating, commercial certificate, as well as multi-engine rating, and spent two summers building hours and experience flying for Connecticut Parachutists at his home-base in Ellington. “The next steps just seemed natural. Earn my AGI rating and my CFI".
More than 7500 hours later, (6200+ of dual-given), John continues to be more active than ever as a flight instructor and in the aviation community. John currently teaches at Premier Flight Center at Hartford/Brainard Airport (KHFD) in Hartford, CT, as well as, for LSA leader, Flight Design, providing factory training to customers, as well as demo flights and training for perspective buyers.

And as for the music...well, the love affair continues. "I have found instructing to be more gratifying than I could have imagined.  It has been rewarding beyond my expectations. And at the same time, has afforded me the opportunity to continue playing my guitar and performing...giving me the best of both worlds!"

John currently plays with his band, Stealing Jupiter. You can find John, and Stealing Jupiter, on Facebook.

John is a 7500+ CFII, and holds SEL/SES, Multi-Engine/Commercial/Instrument privileges, as well as AGI.
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Michael "Todd" Shellnutt, MCFI 8/2013-8/2015: Todd started in aviation in early 2000, and since then he has fallen in love with aviation and instructing. His career started in Macon, GA which eventually led him back to his hometown of Columbus, GA where he now serves as a Chief for a 141 flight school. He has also found time to help out with a local 135 air charter and partake in several international deliveries of Cirrus aircraft to Europe. In addition, Todd also was just designated as a Pilot Examiner in April of this year and serves as the Chief Pilot for a local construction company's flight department.

In 2009, Todd made the decision to open a flight school at his home airport in Columbus. This January will be 5 years in business and he marks his success to training each client to proficiency versus flight time, as well as teaching each client to be an aircraft owner. Todd also hosts several FAA Wings seminar each month and holds the highest total of Wings seminars produced in the state of Georgia.

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Zachary Harris, MCFI 6/2013-6/2015: Zachary was born and raised in San Diego, CA and began flying at 16 out of KSEE, thanks to a group called the Gillespie Field Eagles. He completed high school with his private pilot certificate, and worked his way through the rest of his ratings during college. While in college Zachary worked part-time at Marv Golden pilot supplies, and upon earning his CFI, he began instructing at San Diego Flight Training International. Zachary is now the assistant chief instructor, and has had an incredibly diverse group of students from every corner of the globe, and some even as close as pilots in our local F-18 Squadron.

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Zachary Hurst, MCFI 3/2013-3/2015: Zachary was introduced to aviation on his 8th birthday after receiving a joystick and flight simulator as a gift. With the dream of becoming a professional instructor, Zachary completed his flight training in 2008 at Aero-Tech Services located at Hesston College in Kansas. As an instructor, he is continuing to learn and expand his horizons by beginning tail wheel training. Talking about his love for instructing Zachary explains “every day I get to learn something new about the people, the places, and the planes we fly and pass that knowledge on”

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  Thomas Boyer, MCFI 1/28/2013-1/2015
  Andrew Marinelli, MCFI 11/2006-12/2014: 4 Time MCFI
  Brian Sitcer, MCFI 10/2008-10/2014: 3 Time MCFI
  Hunter Letchman, MCFI 10/2012-10/2014: Letchman has been a professional flight instructor since 2005. He holds five ATP level aircraft type ratings and five FAA flight and ground instructor ratings in addition to a commercial seaplane and commercial glider certificate. He has taught in a wide variety of military and civilian environments including US Air Force pilot training, Assistant Chief Instructor at a Part 141 collegiate flight academy, and during combat operations in Afghanistan.

While on Active Duty with the US Air Force from 2000-2012, Letchman not only taught students from all over the world as a T-37 and T-6A Instructor Pilot, but also logged over 1000 combat hours in two aircraft – the B-1B and MC-12 (a missionized King Air 350). Additionally, he became a skilled aviation accident investigator/flight safety officer for the Air Force and in 2007 was named the Flight Safety Professional of the Year for the USAF’s Air Education and Training Command.

From 2010 through 2013, Letchman served as the Assistant Chief Flight Instructor at Texas State Technical College in Abilene, Texas. There, he taught numerous students at varying levels of experience from Student 
 Pilot through Certified Flight Instructor, resulting in many added pilot ratings and even more initial solos.

Letchman also volunteered as a FAASTeam representative since 2006 and held many aviation safety seminars throughout the Columbus, Mississippi and Abilene, Texas areas. Letchman currently flies three different models of the 747 for an international airline and is a USAF Reserve instructor pilot in the Beechcraft 400.

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  Scott Allen, MCFI 10/2012-10/2014
  Gerald "Gerry" Parker, MCFI 6/2008-8/2014: 3 Time MCFI
Vann Norred, MGI 7/2010-7/2014: This is Norred's second consecutive NAFI Master Ground Instructor accreditation.

Vann Norred started flying as a senior in high school where he soloed in a Aeronca 7AC Champ at Cornelia Fort Airpark in Nashville, TN. However, his aviation pursuits were interrupted for 7 years while he earned an engineering degree from Vanderbilt University, then spent 3 years on active duty in the Marine Corps. Nored resumed his flying career in Waukesha, WI and has been hyperactive ever since, earning fixed wing certificates through ATP and CFI S and ME Airplane and CFII Airplane. He also holds Ground Instructor Advanced and Instrument as well as an A&P Certificate. In the mid 1960s he instructed for several years in a Culver V, at that time the oldest one still flying (Serial No 13).

Returning to the Marine Corps in 1961, Norred has instructed at flight training facilities in Quantico, VA, Jacksonville, New Bern, and Kinston, NC, Yuma, AZ as well as Carlsbad, CA. He ran the Aviation Ground School at Arizona Western College at Yuma until his tour of duty at MCAS, Yuma was over. He later instructed at the Fort Carson Flying Club, a Part 141 School with VA Approved courses.  He started and ran a very successful FBO partnership at Palomar airport in Carlsbad, CA until he retired from the Marine Corps.
During that time he also ran the ground school for the Vietnamese Air Force pilots in the Camp Pendleton Refugee Camp (1975). Although he was a 20 year career Marine Corps officer, he was never a military pilot.

He instructed Weekend Flight Clinics in all parts of the country for the AOPA Air Safety Foundation from 1967 through the mid 1990s.

While still on active duty he earned a Master of Science Degree in Telecommunications from University of Colorado, Boulder, CO. After retiring from the Marine Corps he worked as an Air Defense Systems Engineer at Hughes Aircraft Company, Fullerton, CA and then held the same position at Litton Data Systems, Van Nuys, CA, later becoming the Engineering Manager at Litton Data Systems in Colorado Springs.

He is currently the Program Director for the Aviation Education Foundation of Colorado.  The Foundation focuses on introducing high school students to Professional Aviation as a potential career after college.
Manpreet "Prince" Singh, MCFI 1/2001-1/2005, 1/2007-1/2009: This is Singh's Third NAFI Master Accreditation.

Singh is the Chief Flight Instructor at CFI Academy, a flight school specializing in teaching the FAA Flight Instructor courses. He holds an FAA Airline Transport Pilot Certificate with Airplane Single and Multi-Engine Land, and Multi Engine Sea ratings, and a Commercial Pilot certificate with Airplane Single Engine Sea rating. He also holds an FAA Advanced and Instrument Ground Instructor Certificate.

Singh has been teaching since 1998, and holds Flight Instructor Airplane Single, Multi-Engine and Instrument Airplane ratings. Besides being a pilot, he also holds FAA Aircraft Mechanic Certificate with both powerplant and airframe ratings, with Inspection Authorization.

Singh has been flying since he was 17. He started in aviation with flying gliders, and is now working on getting Helicopter rating added on to his credentials. With over 5000 hours total flight time, most of which is
teaching others, he really has mastered the art of teaching.

He was an assistant chief flight instructor from 1999-2002. In 2002 he took over as the Chief Flight Instructor of a newly established flight training school. In just a few years he was managing one of the largest FAR Part 141 operations in the country.
Singh is also a member with the local FAA FAASTeam; and specializes in teaching the flight instructor initial applicants, and helping students who are having difficulties getting their first solo.

He is a deputy commander with the local Civil Air Patrol squadron and holds the rank of a Captain. He is a qualified instructor, transport mission pilot, FROTC and ROTC qualified pilot and working on becoming a check instructor. He enjoys giving Orientation Rides (O-Rides) to the cadets and teach in the aerospace program.

Singh is involved with the local law enforcement as well. He is a deputy with the Yuba-Sutter County Sheriff’s Department, which provides aerial support to the bi-counties Sheriff’s departments.

He has 3 kids; 8, 6 and 5 year old. They love taking flight training lessons from their dad.

Singh has been a NAFI Master CFI twice – from 2001 to 2005. He is working on getting the designation back once again.

Besides aviation, Prince loves the outdoors; camping, fishing, hiking, target shooting, swimming, or simply relaxing out in the nature. This is what made him move from the bigger cities to Sutter County area. He loves music and can play a few classical Indian musical instruments.
  Andrew Dale, MCFI 4/2003-4/2007: Although Andy Dale served as an Aviation Electronics Technician in a Navy E2B Hawkeye squadron during the Vietnam war, he did not earn his Private Pilot certificate until 1994. A trip to Alaska the previous year had included a flight in a Cessna 206 over the glaciers in Denali National Park, and Andy was hooked for good.

By 1999, Dale had earned his first flight instructor certificate and began teaching students at the Piedmont Flight Center in Winston-Salem, NC.  He became a Gold Seal instructor as well as earning CFII and MEI, and finally ATP.  He has helped over 40 students achieve their pilot certificates.

Now in retirement, Dale is a part-time independent flight instructor.  He has continued his involvement in aviation education as a representative with the FAA Safety Team for the Greensboro FSDO, giving presentations on aviation topics at various locations in support of the safety programs.  He has owned a Rockwell Commander 112A since 1997, and enjoys keeping current by flying all over the Southeast.