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For 50 years Sporty’s focus has been on producing the finest educational products. Sporty’s training courses and instructional videos have introduced hundreds of thousands of pilots to the world of flight. The focus has not just been on passing tests, but creating proficient, confident airmen for which we value your service and partnership.

As fellow instructors, Sporty’s understands the hard work, commitment and passion for aviation this certification demands as well as the many rewards aviation education provides. You are part of a select group dedicated to sharing the magic and opportunity flight has to offer.

To partner with you, Sporty’s is pleased to offer NAFI members a complete product line of educational support products and resources at a 20% discount (access through NAFI members page) as well as the opportunity to join Sporty’s partner program. For more information, please visit these additional online resources.


www.sportys.com/instructor - A dedicated CFI store to support your business

www.sportys.com/dealer - For those interested in partnering with Sporty’s in training material and other supplies for customers

www.LearnToFlyHere.com - Marketing materials and resources for your customers – includes a flight school database, video, and other learn to fly information & articles

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NAFI Corporate Supporters are industry partners that recognize the value and contribution of NAFI and the highly knowledgeable and experienced flight instructors that are NAFI members. NAFI flight instructors wish to thank the following organizations who recognize the important role that flight instructors play in the aviation community. These organizations understand the effect that members of NAFI have on the next generation of pilots.