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NAFI has proposed a Standardized Instructor Proficiency Recognition effort that will be fulfilled through the FAA Wings Program.

To view the entire proposal that NAFI sent to the FAA, click here.

FAA Safety Team Standardized Instructor Proficiency Recognition Requirements:

NAFI proposes a voluntary program be available to CFIs who seek to demonstrate a higher level of proficiency.  This would be tracked through the FAASafety "Wings" program.  To meet the requirements and receive special FAA Safety Team Standardized Instructor recognition an instructor will have:

  • Completed a Flight Instructor Proficiency Check in accordance with the provided guidelines with another instructor within the preceding 24 calendar months or have completed a flight instructor practical test; and
  • Completed within the preceding 24 calendar months an FAA approved flight instructor refresher course consisting of ground training and have been issued a certificate of graduation that was validated in the FAA Wings program;
  • Been issued a graduation certificate by the FAA Safety Team after validating their completion of the requirements.

Establishment of a CFI Flight Proficiency Check

A part of this voluntary program includes the establishment of a CFI Flight Proficiency Check.  NAFI has modeled this after the Practical Test Standards for the CFI in a similar manner to that which the Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) is included in the Instrument Pilot Practical Test Standards.  These can be found in the forms in Appendix A.  The emphasis in completing required tasks on the CFI Flight Proficiency Check will be to demonstrate instructional ability as is goal of all flight instructor PTS items.  This check is not intended to replace a Flight Review or Instrument Proficiency Check, but to demonstrate an instructor has current knowledge and experience in teaching tasks as designated in the PTS during flight conditions as an instructor.

A CFI Flight Proficiency Check would be completed in any aircraft of a category and class that is listed on the flight instructor certificate.