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MentorLIVE! Archive
Date Topic Guest Speaker Watch/Listen
02/21/2018 Threat and Error Management- Adapting to GA Paul Preidecker Login to Watch!
01/17/2018 Telling is NOT Teaching Mike Thompson Login to Watch!

12/20/2017 CFI War Stories-Learning From Our Peers Steven Goetz Login to Watch!
11/15/2017 Using the Airmen Certification Standards Susan Parson Login to Watch!
10/18/2017 Risk Management and the CFI John Ladley Login to Watch!
08/16/2017 Bringing Lost Clients Back, We'll Show you How! Chris Moser, AOPA Director, Flight Training Initiative and Josh Harnagel, Redbird Flight Simulations VP of Marketing Login to Watch!
06/21/2017 NAFI Professional Development Program Bob Meder, Rick Todd, Judy Rice, Mike Thompson Login to Watch!
05/17/2017 How to Make the Most of a Flight Debrief Chuck Shavit, creator of CloudAhoy, founder and CEO Login to Watch!
04/19/2017 What Kind of Pilot Runs Out of Gas? Mike Adams VP of Underwriting Avemco Insurance Company Login to Watch!
02/15/2017 How to Apply for the NAFI Master CFI
John Niehaus and Chris Anderson Login to Watch!
01/16/2017 Why Become a NAFI Master CFI? John Niehaus, Chris Anderson, Ted Sanders, Aaron Dabney, David Cecchino Login to Watch!

12/14/2016 Applying for the NAFI/King Schools CFI Scholarship John Dowd VP of Marketing King Schools Login to Watch!
09/21/2016 Avemco Claims Files: What CFIs Should Know to Help Prevent Pilot-Induced Damage to Airplanes, People, and Property. Mike Adams VP of Underwriting Avemco Insurance Company
Login to Watch!
08/17/2016 Getting to Know NORAD Lt. Col. Mike "Alvin" McMillin Login to Watch!
06/15/2016 ACS is Live! Jackie Spanitz (ASA), John & Martha King (King Schools), Susan Parson (FAA) Login to Watch!
05/25/2016 Logging Time (Converting from Paper to Electronic Logbooks) Ken VeArd Login to Watch!
04/27/2016  A New Way of Getting Weather Information
Paxton Calvenese
Login to Watch!
03/16/2016 Mentoring/Marketing for CFI's Greg Brown Login to Watch!
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