NAFI Board of Directors Application/Nomination

Candidates for services on the NAFI Board of Directors are requested to complete the following form:

BOD Nomination/Application Form
This form should be submitted to the NAFI office via mail or email ([email protected]).  

In addition to the form, candidates should submit a resume or CV along with a letter that is a statement of interest or statement of nomination for the candidate indicating why they would be a good addition to the NAFI Board of Directors.  

The NAFI Board of Directors will use received information for consideration by the nominations committee and contact any potential candidates for further interview.

Current NAFI board members

Roles and Responsibilities of a Member of the NAFI Board of Directors

Founded in 1967, NAFI is dedicated exclusively to "raising and maintaining the professional standing of the flight instructor in the aviation community." Since the time of its founding over forty years ago, NAFI has kept that pledge. 

Now, more than ever before, we are moving to enhance this fundamental commitment.  

NAFI is not only the national association that serves the full spectrum of the flight instructor community, NAFI maintains the finest benefits package available for everyone from the independent instructor to those teaching at flight schools, academies, colleges and universities, Part 142 training centers, corporate operators and airlines. NAFI recognizes that flight instructors are truly the "teachers of flight" as well as the front line for "quality control" in the aviation world.  

NAFI focuses on the needs of its members who may benefit in different ways from their NAFI membership, depending on their needs. Perhaps the most important reason for being a part of NAFI is to promote and support the flight instructor’s responsibility to all of aviation and to express and reinforce a commitment to professionalism.

Part of what has made NAFI successful through the years has been a strong Board of Directors composed of experienced individuals from industry and the flight instruction community who are dedicated to promoting flight instruction and aviation education efforts throughout the country.  This Board of Directors promotes NAFI and its members and provides the overall direction to and financial oversight of the organization.

A member of the NAFI Board of Directors is expected to:

  • Attend semiannual Board meetings. Typically an annual meeting is held in the spring. These meetings are generally one day in length.
  • Participate in periodic conference calls during which the Board discusses various issues that arise between scheduled Board meetings. These conference calls are conducted as required, but may occur as frequent as monthly.
  • Promote and advance NAFI’s standing within the aviation community.
  • Provide direction to the NAFI Staff in regard to its day-to-day management responsibilities and its development of new programs and benefits.
  • When able, attend large aviation conventions or fly-in events such as AirVenture and Sun N’ Fun to represent NAFI.
  • Work with NAFI member committees to help develop new programs and maintain current programs.
  • Adhere to and promote decisions made by the Board of Directors.
  • Assist in the development of funding to support NAFI programs
Qualifications to be a member of the NAFI Board of Directors include:
  • Flight instruction experience within the aviation education community and/or business or professional background that can be of assistance in achievement of NAFI’s goals.
  • Meet the requirements for experience as set forth in the NAFI Bylaws and other governing documents with respect to skills and abilities.*

*NAFI’s Bylaws require that at least 75% of the Board of Directors be composed of Certificated Flight Instructors.

Examples of experience and skill sets:

  • Flight training
  • Education
  • Business
  • Law
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Development - fund raising
  • Internet technology
  • Other aviation involvement