Training for All

From NAFI's Chair

Training for All

I've always been amazed at the depth of experience among NAFI's members. Ranging from CFIs teaching students in fixed-wing single-engine trainers to Airline Transport Pilots with years of experience mentoring pilots, with every category and class represented, I can't think of a single aspect of flight training in which our members are not involved.

NAFI's Director of Business Development Matt Mathias attended the NBAA convention in Las Vegas last week. Part of the feedback he received was a perception that NAFI is mainly an organization dedicated to newer instructors teaching ab initio students. As NAFI continues to grow and work to serve you better, this is an impression that we, as an organization, need to correct. NAFI addresses all phases of flight instruction, dedicating ourselves to the continuous improvement of flight education at all levels.

NAFI's Professional Development Program and MentorLive series, along with eMentor and Mentor magazine are evidence of NAFI's depth of experience and dedication to the principle of continuous improvement. Clearly, though, the organization, to better serve its members, must itself do a better job of outreach.

With that as background, NAFI is seeking interested applicants for our Board of Directors to fill open positions. In particular, we are seeking someone to fill the position of treasurer. Additionally, NAFI is seeking candidates who are willing to work with members to continue to develop programs that help promote improved safety and disseminate both best business and training practices among our membership. Please forward your interest and your resume to [email protected] Thank you in advance.


Bob Meder,
NAFI Board Chair
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