Kudos to EAA for Proficiency365

From NAFI's Chair

Kudos to EAA for Proficiency365

Nobody argues the old adage "practice makes perfect" in so many of life's endeavors. The same holds true for aviation, perhaps even on a higher level since, in so many flight operations, the safety of others is involved. If you fly for a Part 121 or 135 operation you must undergo substantial recurrent training to continue piloting these aircraft. Yet, in much of General Aviation flying, the only recurrent training requirement is the Flight Review and that is simply not enough. Ongoing proficiency training is vital to healthy and safe GA flying.

That's why on behalf of NAFI's Board of Directors and staff, we want to congratulate the EAA for the introduction of its new initiative, Proficiency365. Proficiency365 will offer year-round proficiency training activities available to pilots and CFIs wherever they are located.

It has been NAFI's privilege to participate in many areas of the EAA Proficiency365 introduction and development. NAFI was a sponsor of the first annual "Safety Through Proficiency" IMC/VMC Clubs regional meeting held January 11 at EAA Headquarters in Oshksoh where the creator of the program, Radek Wyrzykowski, introduced Proficiency365. Then, on January 15th, Wyrzykowski chose to make the first national announcement on NAFI's WINGS-approved MentorLIVE broadcast. In addition, NAFI Board Member and 2019 National FAASTeam Representative of the Year Karen Kalishek served on a working group in developing the algorithm design of the EAA SkillScore Tracker. Kalishek was also a key member of the team that achieved FAA approval granting WINGS flight credit for pilots flying the Proficiency365 scenarios.

NAFI is honored to be an important contributor to this innovative initiative. We at NAFI look to Proficiency365 as an enhancement to our ongoing training efforts both for ourselves and our students and encourage you to learn more about the program as well.
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Bob Meder,
NAFI Board Chair
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