An Opportunity to Learn

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An Opportunity to Learn

As we self-isolate, the question comes up: what do I do with my time? Let's be honest about this. When we're stuck at home, it can be easy to settle into a state of lassitude. We see the same four walls, the view out the window doesn't change, and the TV remote is easy to reach. The siren songs of Nefllix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, etc. are all calling. And, knowing how pilots in general, and flight instructors in particular are wired, our homes are organized to the point that we're shifting shelf knickknacks at the millimeter level.

The good news is that you're interested in aviation and instructing, enough so that you opened this issue of eMentor.   Also, the various flying groups to which I belong on Facebook are as active as ever, maybe even more so, with the usual hangar talk about regulations, procedures, aviation news, and, of course, talk about how everyone is dealing with COVID-19.

There are many ways that instructors are coping. Many of us are creating ad hoc on line content to share with others. Other instructors are conducting remote ground school classes with our students. And most of us are reviewing materials or studying for our next rating.

That brings up a conversation I had this weekend with NAFI Board Member Paul Preidecker regarding instructors who are preparing for an airline or corporate career. With his experience in hiring and training at a regional Part 121 carrier, I asked him how a pilot that is waiting out self-isolation can stay prepared for an interview. Paul responded that this is a good time to review course material, emphasizing those areas that might have been a bit troublesome. Further, review recent flying experience and make plans to get current once you start flying again. He emphasized that being able to show currency is one of the keys to a successful application and interview. Finally, ensuring your resume and interview skills are up to par is a must.

If you consider it, Paul's advice is good for all of us, whether we are career instructors or using our instructor time as part of a career path. While we're remaining safe, let's make this an opportunity to improve our knowledge and learn, virtually, new techniques. Perhaps, for many of us, it's a great time to assess how we teach. Whatever it is, use this time as an opportunity.


Bob Meder,
NAFI Board Chair
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