Chairman's Corner to NAFI NOTAMs


Something NEW AND EXCITING, Announcing NAFI NOTAMs Blog

Since April 2018, NAFI has been using our blog feature under the title Chairman’s Corner. It has been a highlight of our Chairman of the Board Robert Meder’s thoughts and comments on the activities of the organization, as well as the state of flight instruction in the world. While we intend to continue to feature Bob’s literary contributions, we have decided to rework, renew, and rebuild the NAFI blog into something new and exciting; something we are calling our NAFI NOTAMs Blog.

How is this different than what it was before?

NAFI NOTAMs will be a collection of educational, inspirational, and lifestyle posts relating to flight instructors in and out of the cockpit. Our guest authors will consist of industry leaders, NAFI Board members/Staff, NAFI members, media creators, influencers, and relevant thought leaders from outside aviation altogether.

We are starting small and will only have new posts when the time and the content are right, but we hope the concept will be embraced by not only you our readers, but by possible contributors as well since the potential opportunities are endless.

This function will continue to be open to the public as a service to an industry we all love, and we encourage those of you who like and appreciate the content to share it on social media in as many places as you are willing. Please comment (we will respond), and if you are not a member we invite you to join NAFI even if you are not an instructor. If you have a passion for aviation and for the continued elevation of the one who makes the dream happen for each and every pilot—the  flight instructor, then we welcome you.

If you would like to be a guest author, please send your idea and/or draft NOTAM to me at [email protected]

Look for our first official NOTAMs post on Monday by Captain and NAFI Board Member Brian Schiff!



John Niehaus
NAFI Director of Program Development
NAFI #28109

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