Introducing NAFI's 10 Question Challenge


Introducing NAFI's 10 Question Challenge



One of the exciting things about our new NOTAMs Blog, is that we are not restricted to a traditional written format. As you can see, this entry adds our first video post which we hope to integrate regularly in between the more traditional posts. We also hope this additional format will inspire you to record your own content for submission consideration if you are interested in sharing but prefer video over writing.

Our second first here is that this video is the beginning of a brand new web series I have created called NAFI’s 10 Question Challenge. We are excited to take my list of 10 questions to successful current and former flight instructors in an effort to discover what the secret to fulfilling personal and career goals in aviation, and how being a flight instructor is so important as a common thread to success.

This video series starts from humble beginnings and it is not polished or perfect, but I think you will quickly get the idea, and hopefully find the answers from my first guest Captain Brian Schiff (SEE NOTAMs Post #1) interesting and motivating. Stay tuned for more guests, I hope you enjoy our first (of many) 10 Question Challenge!


John Niehaus
NAFI Director of Program Development
NAFI #28109


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Sharon Tackabury - Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Thank you John Niehaus and Brian Schiff for that informative and entertaining piece! Can't wait to see the next episode. S. Tackabury

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