Importance of Aircraft Systems Knowledge - “be a drop of fluid”


Importance of Aircraft Systems Knowledge - “be a drop of fluid” ~Guest Blogger Kylie McKinzie


Currently enrolled in an Aircraft Systems course focusing on the ERJ 145, I've come to realize the continuous learning required for a deep understanding of aircraft systems. Despite mastering the hydraulic system months ago, preparation for finals unveiled a disheartening truth—I had forgotten half of the information. It's easy to succumb to a "short-term memory" approach in college due to heavy course loads and exam pressure, but in professions like aviation, where safety is paramount, it's crucial to break free from this culture. As professionals, particularly flight instructors, maintaining a thorough understanding of aircraft systems is essential for ensuring safety and instilling confidence in students.

One technique that significantly aided my retention of aircraft systems knowledge was the concept of "being a drop of fluid." Shared by my professor, a former Navy fighter pilot, this analogy struck a chord with me. It involves immersing oneself in the system, tracing every valve, every pressure line, and component as if it were moving through the aircraft. Flight instructors might find this approach beneficial for their students, fostering "comprehension" instead of just "memorization".

Kylie McKinzie
NAFI Intern
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Karen Kalishek - Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Thank you Kylie. The 'drop of fluid' approach can be an effective way to foster deeper levels of learning. As you noted, safety demands more than rote memorization.

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