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June 26, 2003 - EAA and AeroPlanner.com have launched a new service to make it easier for any pilot to keep track of the latest temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) created by the United States Secret Service for President Bush's travels around the nation. This valuable resource arrives just as the frequency of TFRs is on the rise with the approaching 2004 presidential campaign. To view active and/or announced NOTAMs for presidential TFRs simply click on the presidential seal graphic located along the left side of the EAA home page. Also included are several graphical view and print options to choose from. (In the event of late-breaking changes, pilots should continue to contact Flight Service to obtain the very latest information before taking off.)

To view a graphical representation of TFRs, users can select "Locate on Map," "Printable WAC/Sectional," or "Printable GNC," which creates a PDF file for easy, clear printing.

The upgrade also has powerful sort options, allowing users to pull out state TFRs, recency, and TFR type, as well as pending and cancelled TFRs.

At this writing, new TFRs are announced for Los Angeles and San Francisco, California, for June 27 presidential visits and June 28-30 for the president's visit to his Crawford, Texas ranch.

Another new EAA Fight Planner feature alerts pilots, especially in the Western U.S., of TFRs created to provide safe firefighting environments. These NOTAMs appear more frequently than do others, and are denoted by the National Interagency Fire Center logo.

EAA and partner AeroPlanner will have even more new features to announce in the coming weeks leading up the EAA AirVenture 2003, so please stay tuned to the EAA website.