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EAA, King Schools Partner to Offer New Sport Pilot Training Courses on DVD

March 29, 2004 - EAA Aviation Center, Oshkosh, Wis. - The Experimental Aircraft Association and King Schools are combining resources to create four new, comprehensive training courses for flight students and instructors, putting together the knowledge and expertise of the leaders in the sport pilot and aviation training fields.

Two of these new courses will prepare sport pilot students for both the written exam and flight test for the sport pilot certificate. In addition, EAA and King Schools will also produce similar tests designed for instructors who want to earn the necessary ratings to teach sport pilot candidates.

"EAA is very pleased to work with King Schools to present top-quality, up-to-date training courses for EAA members and anyone who sees sport pilot as a marvelous opportunity to realize people's dreams of flight," said EAA President Tom Poberezny. "We associated with King Schools because it is one of the most trusted names in pilot education in the world. John and Martha King's names have become synonymous with high-quality flight training materials."

The sport-pilot student course includes the Sport Pilot Knowledge Course, which prepares students for the Federal Aviation Administration written exam, while Sport Pilot Check Ride explains the maneuvers and aerodynamic knowledge necessary to pass FAA's practical (flight) test. The DVDs available to instructors include Sport Pilot Instructor Knowledge Course for the written exam and Sport Pilot Instructor Check Ride for the rating's practical test.

"The sport-pilot rule will open doors for recreational flying to flourish as never before," said John King, co-founder of King Schools. "We're thrilled that EAA has selected King Schools as its official provider for sport pilot training. We're deeply committed to the mission of creating smart, safe and fun sport fliers."

The projected release date of the new training DVDs will be announced shortly after FAA's publication of the final sport pilot/light-sport aircraft rule. The courses will be available through both the EAA and King Schools web sites and catalogs.

King Schools, a leading provider of pilot-training materials since 1984, offers video- and computer-based training materials for all levels of pilot certification. The King Schools system combines bite-sized, full-screen video teaching segments on specific knowledge areas with interactive testing. For more information about King Schools, please visit www.kingschools.com or call 1-800-854-1001.

EAA, The Leader in Recreational Aviation, is an international association with 170,000 members and more than 1,000 local Chapters. For more information on EAA and its programs, call 1-800-JOIN-EAA (1-800-564-6322) or explore EAA's World Wide Web site (www.eaa.org).