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Sport Pilot Expands Horizons

Since announcement of the new Sport Pilot and Light-Sport Aircraft rules, NAFI has received requests day and night from members. The expansive changes to FAA regulations seem daunting on first inspection (452 pages!), but they light the path to aviation for countless people. Years of effort by EAA and NAFI have paid off to make flying more accessible. Learn more at www.sportpilot.org.

Among the most asked questions are those involving the requirements for exercising sport pilot privileges, and the privileges of a sport pilot instructor. These are set forth in grid format in the published rule, which can be found at www.sportpilot.org/sportpilot_rule.pdf. The grids for pilot certification eligibility, training, and testing are set forth on pages 31 through 36 of the document. Several factors go into the authority of instructors, including their current ratings, current medical status, and flight experience.

NAFI and EAA will conduct seminars on a daily basis – sometimes several per day – during EAA AirVenture 2004 in Oshkosh.