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Sport Pilot Rule-Condensed Version Now Available-Only 19 Pages
August 30, 2004 - EAA's sport pilot website now includes a new, condensed version of the Sport Pilot/Light-Sport Aircraft Rule. The pdf download eliminates the 352-page preamble and reduces the original FAA rule from 100 pages to 19, making viewing and printing the rule much easier.

This version reflects all revisions to the document as of Sept. 1, 2004, including an amendment to correct erroneous references to the final date on which the FAA will issue experimental light-sport airworthiness certificates for "existing ultralight training vehicles and single- and two-place ultralight-like aircraft." The correct date is January 31, 2008.

Aiming to make its document more reader-friendly, the FAA drafted the provisions of the rule dealing with the new sport pilot certificate and flight instructor certificate in a "plain language" Q&A format.

Those who wish to obtain a copy of the full FAA document, which includes a 352-page preamble, can still do so through the FAA website.