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EAA affiliate NAFI successfully lobbies for relief from onerous security requirements imposed on flight instructors
EAA AVIATION CENTER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin -- October 22, 2004 -- The National Association of Flight Instructors, an affiliate of the Experimental Aircraft Association, today announced revisions to national security policy answering concerns that NAFI voiced earlier this week.

"We sought to alleviate some of the onerous record keeping that recently enacted security policies would have heaped on individual and small-business flight instructors," said Rusty Sachs, NAFI executive director. "The exemptions announced by the TSA [Transportation Security Administration] make a step in the right direction, easing the burden on our members without compromising national security in any way."

Without the modifications for which NAFI lobbied, the policy would have required flight instructors to acquire and maintain meticulous records regarding the national origins of flight students -- even those being trained to fly aircraft weighing less than 12,500 pounds, which present little or no utility to anyone harboring sinister motives.

"In response to our members' concerns, we lobbied for a more reasonable set of precautions," said Sachs, whose advocacy efforts included an Oct. 19 letter to the Department of Transportation, the federal agency driving the TSA requirements.

The revised policy still provides safeguards, requiring logbook entries attesting to each student's proof of citizenship or nationality, but demands significantly less paperwork on students training to fly light aircraft. "We turned the security requirements into something more manageable and reasonable for our flight instructors," Sachs said.

NAFI sent more detailed information about the TSA security requirements, including these welcome revisions, to its members by e-mail today.

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