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TSA Security Awareness Training For Flight Schools Now Available

The Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) official initial Security Awareness Training is now available. This training is required of all flight school employees who have direct contact with students (including flight instructors, ground instructors, chief instructors, and administrative personnel who have direct contact with students). Current flight school employees must complete the free training no later than January 18, 2005, and employees hired after that date must complete the training within sixty days of their hire. Flight School Security Awareness (FSSA) Training can be accessed as a large (40 mb) download. For those unable to download this large file, TSA is in the process of acquiring additional copies of the FSSA training module on CD-ROM.  Instructions on how to get a free copy of the FSSA CD-ROM will be posted on on the TSA website as soon as they are available. For questions, contact the help desk at 703/542-1222.