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NAFI Assists in Embry-Riddle Safety Study
February 10, 2005 - The National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI), underscoring its commitment to flight safety and aviation education, is assisting Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in a current study of spin training techniques. Surveys were mailed out to NAFI members this week regarding their experience and opinions on spin training.

ERAU project coordinator Daniel Andary approached NAFI earlier this year for help in surveying its flight instructors on the subject. Spin training is required before one receives a flight instructor rating, but training experience varies widely from school to school, says NAFI Executive Director Rusty Sachs.

“A flight instructor's experience with stalls and spins may be extremely limited, leading to insufficient knowledge for meaningful teaching,” Sachs said. “Safety, however, demands that a flight instructor be absolutely competent and current in these procedures, not only to ensure the safety of the flight, but also to ensure that the training and knowledge provided the student is sufficiently comprehensive. After all, flight instructors are the educators and role models of all future pilots.”

When a flight instructor lacks knowledge and experience as a result of inadequacies in his own training, it can create a snowballing problem. Stall-spin accidents are among the most dangerous of all aviation mishaps, and Andary’s study seeks to determine the experience and confidence of active flight instructors, with added weight given to the time they received their own training.

Andary expects to complete the study this spring.