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Response Quick to 2005 Sport Pilot Symposium
May 2, 2005 - The NAFI Sport Pilot Symposium that debuted in Sebring last October appears to have gained momentum in the intervening months. Encouraged by the initial response to the Florida event, the association has scheduled more of the familiarity sessions, beginning in greater St Louis May 21. NAFI has confirmed it will hold at least four more sport pilot symposiums this year.

“Within hours of announcing the initial session – in St Charles, Missouri in May – two members called to enroll!” Executive Director Rusty Sachs commented Monday. “We mailed out notices on Friday, and are already taking reservations.” Interested parties may reserve their places online at here, or by telephone at 800.843.3612.

“This course exposes instructors to a variety of sport pilot experts, helping them learn how they can build their business in the new sport pilot/light-sport aircraft market," said Sachs. Already confirmed to appear are Paul Hamilton, founder of Hamilton Training Systems and Adventure Productions; Jack Vandeventer, seasoned CFI and marketing expert; and Marty Weaver, head of the FAA's Light-Sport Aviation Branch in Oklahoma City. The goal is to introduce seasoned flight instructors to intricacies of the new world of light-sport aircraft, Sachs said. Those attending also have an opportunity for demonstration flights in a light-sport aircraft.

An added bonus, NAFI's "Trade-A-Flight" program gives attendees a coupon to exchange for a free demonstration flight from an ultralight instructor in their area. The instructor can then fill out the back of the coupon, mail it in, and receive a free NAFI membership. Symposium events are planned for June 3-5 at Marysville, California, in conjunction with the Golden West EAA Regional Fly-In; June 17-8 in Franklin, Pennsylvania; September 9-10, in Louisville, Kentucky; and late October in Sebring.

To learn more, call 800/843-3612. Additional information will be posted on www.nafinet.org well in advance of the events.