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Demo Planes Flocking to Franklin; NAFI Modifies Dates
May 26, 2005 - With a larger number of aircraft vendors and exhibitors flocking to the NAFI Sport Pilot Symposium and EAA Sport Pilot Tour in Franklin, Pennsylvania June 18 and 19, the National Association of Flight Instructors has moved forward the dates of its educational gathering for CFIs. In response to members’ requests, symposium, previously slated to take place on Friday and Saturday, will now convene Saturday and Sunday.

“We try always to adapt our plans to suit the needs of NAFI members,” executive director Rusty Sachs explained this morning. “Folks suggested that they’d like to travel to the event on Friday after work, attend the lectures on weekend mornings, and fly in the afternoons. It’s more convenient to devote a weekend to learning the details of the sport pilot world than it is to skip a day of work. When we combine this interest with an unexpectedly large number of planes arriving to demonstrate their virtues, it looks like an exciting weekend.” The symposium, a traveling road show of aviation experts, features two mornings of classroom activity and afternoons of exposure to an array of light-sport aircraft. It frequently coincides with the EAA Sport Pilot Tour, where distributors, suppliers, and manufacturers of light-sport aircraft gather to display their wares.

The goal of the symposium is to expose seasoned flight instructors to the new sport pilot world, Sachs said. Those attending have an opportunity to take demonstration flights in a light-sport aircraft, as well as learn from the most knowledgeable folks in the trade. Already scheduled to appear are Roy Beisswenger, host of UltraFlight Radio and seasoned sport pilot; Paul Hamilton, founder of Hamilton Training Systems and Adventure Productions; and Martin Weaver, Chief of the FAA’s Sport Aviation Branch.

An added bonus, NAFI's Trade-A-Flight program, gives attendees a coupon to exchange for a free demonstration flight from an ultralight instructor in their area. The instructor can then fill out the back of the coupon, mail it in, and receive a free NAFI membership. The National Association of Flight Instructors, an affiliate of EAA, has served as the voice of aviation education since its establishment in 1967.