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EAA, NAFI Developing Online Sport Pilot Flight Instructor Database

Demand for sport pilot flight instruction is building rapidly, and both NAFI and EAA need your help in getting potential students together with willing instructors.

“The number one question right now on the EAA Sport Pilot Hotline is ‘where can I get flight instruction√®’ ” reports Charlie Becker, EAA’s director of aviation services. EAA and the National Association of Flight Instructors are working together to answer this question by establishing a database of instructors ready to teach sport pilot students.

NAFI and EAA are asking active flight instructors to complete an online information form to provide current information for a web-based database of sport pilot instructors. The database will be accessible to anyone seeking an instructor. With the high demand for instructors the new Sport Pilot/Light-Sport Aircraft rule has created, this online tool will help flight students find local instructors to provide the necessary training toward a sport pilot certificate.

“It is very important that all flight instructors willing to teach sport pilots complete the online information form,” said Timm Bogenhagen, EAA Aviation Services. “With the flight instructor database available online, students will have greater access to instructors, and flight instructors will have much greater exposure to the new community of prospective pilots.”

To register in the database, visit https://secure.eaa.org/sportpilot/instructor.html.