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FAA Revises Certification Form Policy

Washington Eases Burden on CFI Renewals
Retreating from a hard-line position stated in its new handbook for designated pilot examiners, the FAA has returned to a long-time policy of allowing flight instructors to renew their certificates without reciting flight time on the application form. The task, which CFIs claimed was a fatuous exercise, had nettled countless instructors.

A letter from Peter Dula, newly installed manager of the FAA’s General and Commercial Aviation Division (AFS-800) to all regional and Flight Standards District Offices has revised the policy set forth in FAA Order 8710.3D.

“This is welcome news!” responded G. Alexander Hill, an instructor in Longmont, Colorado. “That order required instructors to spend an extra hour or so filling in the blanks with information irrelevant to the FAA’s action. Although it doesn’t involve private information, the process is a pain. It takes up time we could better devote to other activity.” Joseph Brigham, a helicopter instructor in Bow, New Hampshire, had another perspective. “I’ve always completed the entire section,” he said. “Why notè It’s good discipline to have the record.” The FAA has long suggested completing flight time records in detail, lest the loss of personal records lead to the absence of any comprehensive history of one’s flight time.

The FAA agrees, decreeing that if aeronautical experience has no bearing on the airman certification action requested, the applicant need not complete are III. Record of Pilot Time on the 8710-1 form. Among the examples cited where flight time records may be omitted are flight instructor renewal and reinstatement applications, ground instructor applications, and type rating applications.