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NAFI/ASA Prizewinner Eager to Implement New Simulator System

Fred Hawk, veteran flight instructor from Logan, Ohio, has won the On Top personal computer aviation training device sponsored by the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) and Aviation Supplies and Academics (ASA). The system, valued at about $3,500, includes a complete instrument training package; a Cirrus yoke and rudder pedals; AV-1 avionics panels; and PFC Power quadrant with both 6- and 3-lever attachments, plus a new computer.

All individuals who joined or renewed their NAFI membership from April through August were eligible to win.

Hawk, a six-year NAFI member, was thrilled to learn his name had been drawn—in fact, he received the welcome news on September 13, his 50th birthday.

“I am not a double-I,” he said “but winning this makes me want to re-think that situation.” An instructor for 31 years, the bulk of Hawk’s students are for tail wheel endorsements; high-performance transition, and complex checkouts. He also does biennial flight reviews.

Hawk is a member of EAA Chapter 443 and the Caesar Creek Soaring Club, the largest of its kind in the United States. Hawk co-owns a Piper Aztec, but mostly flies an Aeronca Chief, which he helped restore. He also tows gliders with the soaring club’s Piper Pawnee, and accrues time in 172s and 182s with the Civil Air Patrol.

Hawk says the only simulator he’s used in training pilots is Microsoft Flight Simulator. “A PCATD is good for getting an idea of what things are going to look like, to give you a heads up, allow you to learn how the instruments move, and how things work in the cockpit to make training go quicker” he explained

He now shows students instrument approaches, but expressed enthusiasm that now he’ll be able to run them through on the new system. “Even just the flight characteristics with the flaps, variable pitch prop, and the retractable gear option will be great.”

“This is going to be the next-best thing, I just know it.”