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Still No Guidelines On Security-Awareness Recurrent Training

November 1, 2005 - Transportation Security Administration officials have not yet determined the requirements for recurrent training of flight school employees under the TSA regulations released last year.

In September 2004, TSA announced requirements that all flight school employees undergo security awareness training by January 18, 2005 or within 60 of hiring, and annual recurrent training thereafter. Those who did the training promptly are now coming up on the first anniversary of the training with no word from officials when the parameters for recurrent training will be available. Under the terms of the regulation, each individual flight instructor is considered a flight school for the purpose of the rule.

Current plans under consideration include an exemption from the one-year requirement for individuals who took the initial training early, explained Paul Francis, TSA Transportation Security Specialist, from his office in Washington. The content of the recurrent training module is also still under review by those responsible, Francis said, and TSA hopes to have the security awareness training module ready to distribute by the end of November. TSA may also modify the portion of the rule mandating that recurrent training be accomplished within the same month each year as the initial training. This issue, too, should be resolved by the end of November according to Francis.