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SportAircraftMarketplace.com Launches New Advertising Website
December 5, 2005 - A new and exciting way to buy or sell sport aviation related equipment and services is now available on the web thanks to SportAircraftMarketplace.com.

SportAircraftMarketplace.com, also known as “SAM” has launched a website that provides classified and commercial display type ads of interest to anything related to sport aviation. Within the website you will find categories that include sport aircraft, engines, avionics, items for trade and many others. Of particular note is the fact that SAM also has sections for sport pilot instructors and flight schools on its’ website.

Bill Howard, CEO of SAM says, “I wanted SportAircraftMarketplace to reflect the growing needs of the sport aviation industry. It is, in fact, a one-stop shopping venue for all things sport related.” He added, “There is something for everyone. Whether you are an individual selling or looking to buy, or represent a sport aviation company who appreciates being able to offer your products in an easy to navigate, single source, SAM is made for you.” SportAircraftMarketplace.com does not require any memberships or passwords. Just submit your ad and once reviewed it will be placed on the website at no charge. The only requirement is that your ad be sport aviation related. Further, SAM has a privacy policy that mandates that your personal information will not be sold or used for any other purpose and will be kept confidential. That fact alone is a definite advantage these days!

Instructors and flight schools are also represented with special sections of their own. The prospective sport pilot or current enthusiast at last has a single source for all types of equipment and information. No more searching and searching. The commercial advertisers also have links on their ads that take the viewer directly to their own website!

To get things off the ground (pun intended), SAM is now offering FREE classified and commercial ads. This offer has been extended, as Mr. Howard tells us, “To prove SAM's commitment of being devoted exclusively to sport aviation!” The free advertising offer is for a limited time and will allow the website to grow and become, as Mr. Howard tells us, “The premier sport aviation marketplace.” Following the free ad campaign the site will continue to offer advertising with some of the lowest rates in the business.

Take a look at www.SportAircraftMarketplace.com today and take advantage of the free ads offer while it’s available. What could be easierè