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TSA Issues Recurrency Training Exemption for CFIs
December 14, 2005 - Responding to strong requests and suggestions from NAFI and EAA officials, the Transportation Security Administration has issued an exemption to independent flight instructors and flight school employees in technical default of the recurrency requirements set forth in September, 2004. The requirements in question mandated each individual to complete recurrent training annually in the same calendar month as the initial training.

By letter dated 13 December 2005, TSA General Manager Robert Rottman granted an exemption to all flight school employees and CFIs, extending until 01 January 2007 and permitting a delay of up to but not beyond 18 months to complete the first recurrent training.

The ruling is posted on he TSA website at posted on the TSA website; go to www.TSA.gov, then, Travelers and Consumers, then Air Travel, then General Aviation, mid page. Questions should be addressed to [email protected]