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NAFI Executive Director Featured in Upcoming King Schools Sport Pilot Checkride Courses

The upcoming King Schools Sport Pilot and Sport Pilot Instructor courses give pilot and instructor applicants valuable training and insights for their practical tests. These courses feature Rusty Sachs, executive director of the National Association of Flight Instructors, as a Designated Pilot Examiner testing applicant John King.

Using a Flight Design CT, one of the first certificated and ready-to-fly airplanes under the new Sport Pilot/Light-Sport Aircraft rules, the courses create real-world practical test scenarios in both the oral and flight portions.


“Rusty accurately reveals what every Sport Pilot applicant should expect from an examiner during the oral exam and on the checkride,” King said. “When students view this course, they’ll know exactly what to anticipate and how to respond, and will go into their oral and checkride with confidence.”

Sachs, a five-time Master CFI and FAA-designated pilot examiner, concurs. “These courses will be important training for all Sport Pilot and Instructor applicants. They utilize King Schools’ effective formula of clear, fun teaching. I’m delighted to play the role of a flight examiner in the courses -- a role that I’ve played in reality for many years.”

The Flight Design CT King and Sachs used in the filming was provided by Flight Design West of Carson City, Nevada. Orientation, training, and checkout came through the courtesy of Alturas Aero of Alturas, California.

The Sport Pilot checkride course is scheduled for release March 31, while the Sport Pilot Instructor course becomes available starting April 28. Each is priced at $99, but may be purchased from EAA at the special EAA member price of $79. To reserve your copy of either course, call 800-843-3612. Upon release they can be purchased through EAA Aeronautica online, http://shop.eaa.org.