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Bose Announces Incentive Program For NAFI Members
May 3, 2006 - The Bose Noise Reduction Technology Group recently initiated an incentive program for NAFI members, offering a substantially reduced price on its aviation headsets and a cash payment for referrals of headset buyers. Bose Noise Reduction Technology Group is a component of the Bose Corporation of Framingham, Massachusetts.

NAFI members who purchase a Bose Aviation Headset X will receive a rebate of $99.50 under the terms of the program. Equally attractive is the referral program – where Bose will pay a NAFI member $50 for referrals of individuals who purchase the headset. Bose has prepared forms to enroll in the program, and they are available here.

Jack Vandeventer, MCFI, sent NAFI the following letter:

Most instructors use a headset for each flight, and some are more comfortable than others. Any headset is manageable for the first hour or two, but head squeeze, weight, and noise-level pain (not to mention asking controllers to repeat clearances and routine communication) can become burdensome in the course of a long flight.

A couple of weeks ago I took advantage of Bose’s a new offer on its Aviation Headset X. NAFI members get the headset for $99.50 off the $995 price, and free shipping too. That already feels good. But you want to make your customers and students feel better too, rightè

Listen them complain about their headsets -- no matter what color or shape --and then let them try your new Bose. You have just qualified for the Bose-NAFI referral program. (That was my second positive experience. The first was flying 6.8 hours from Sun-n-Fun to TYQ with my new purchase over my ears. Bob has XM radio and I had my IPOD. With either plugged into his intercom, the music was sweeter and easier to listen to than before!)

Shortly after returning from SnF, a dentist pilot called about instrument competency work. He started our session by complaining that his electronic noise canceling headset was heavy, he always had to replace the battery, and it hurt his head. I offered him use of my new set, and wore his clamp for the next two hours. He opted for the Bose, bought a set on my referral, and Bose sent me fifty bucks!

When you let the students use your headset and their heads and ears immediately improve, you make them happy. Now comes a choice on your part. Using the Bose-NAFI referral program, you the instructor can put the $50 referral bonus in your pocket, put it in your student’s pocket, or split it between you. Note: referral payment is $50 per referred individual, not per headset, if the student decides to buy more than one, but there is no limit on the number of bonuses Bose will pay to a NAFI member for multiple referrals.

More about the headset: It comes with a straight or coiled cord. I selected the straight cord and also purchased a portable battery pack, since I fly in many different planes. Some may want the panel-mounted power plug to avoid the burnt-out batteries issue. The on/off button must be held down so inadvertent bumps in the supplied case will not turn the unit on. The supplied case is a good one and protects your investment. Warranty is five years. The unit includes a stereo headset plug on the audio side.

Bose Corporation set up the program to share the benefits of the headset with other instructors and students. This is also a way to help with the issue of cost for NAFI members. If you know an instructor considering NAFI membership who also wants a Bose headset, this may be a deal-sweetener – an opportunity to get a NAFI membership and Bose Aviation X headset and still save money! Motivate a customer and get the bonus again and again. The headset may end up making you more money and happier each time you fly! I’m really grateful to NAFI for arranging this deal. Contact Bose at 800-905-1542 to learn more about the offer, or go to http://www.bose.com/

Jack Vandeventer, MCFI instructs freelance and with Eagle Flyers at Montgomery Aviation (TYQ) in Indianapolis. You may contact him at 317-370-7410 or [email protected].