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Free Breakfast for NAFI Members in Oshkosh
June 22, 2006 - NAFI members visiting Oshkosh AirVenture 2006 will have the opportunity to congregate and socialize Friday morning, 28 July as the association offers its annual bring-your-own-coffee continental breakfast. Stop by Flight Instructor Headquarters, adjacent to the intersection of Waukau Avenue and Knapp Street, just north of the Jeppesen for free food!

You can never tell who will appear at this random gathering of folks from around the nation – airshow performer Sean Tuckerè Aviation writer Amy Labodaè Young Eagles Chairman Harrison Fordè EAA President Tom Pobereznyè Anything is possible! “The NAFI tent – Flight Instructor Headquarters – is always an important part of my visit to Oshkosh,” said occasional visitor Steve Thibodaux of Xenia, Ohio. “I invariably run into at least one person for the first time in ages, and meet at least one new person whose company I enjoy! Plus, breakfast always tastes a bit better when it’s free.”

Members are encouraged to bring their favorite aviation story; hip boots not provided.