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TSA Recurrency CDs Flying Off The Shelves
June 27, 2006 - NAFI’s training course for Flight School Security Awareness recurrency has found a good market – in aviators’ idiom, the discs have flown off the shelves since they were released seven weeks ago. Flight instructors may satisfy the annual recurrency requirements for this training, mandated by the Transportation Security Administration, by using a CD-ROM available from NAFI. The course complies with guidelines set forth earlier this year by the TSA.

In late 2004, TSA mandated that all flight schools, flight school employees, and individual flight instructors undergo comprehensive security awareness training. TSA further requires annual recurrency training. The NAFI course may be obtained by calling 800.843.3612; the cost is ten dollars.

“It’s great to know that this is available!” said Tim Wilson, NAFI member from Pineville, Oregon. John O’Neill of Almond, Wisconsin echoed that sentiment. “With all the new hoops a CFI has to jump through these days, it’s good to know that NAFI is looking out for us,” he said.

The NAFI course covers all four sections required by the recent TSA order. While three sections are completed by reading – and pondering – material set forth on the disc, one section requires supplementary action on the part of the CFI. The CFI must have a discussion with the local flight school owner, FBO, or airport manager. “We recommend that independent instructors get together with the airport manager or FBO as a group,” explained Rusty Sachs, NAFI Executive Director. “doing it as a group will promote efficiency for the manager, as well as creating a more dynamic discussion for the participants.”

Instructors may order the CD-ROM from NAFI by calling 800-843-3612 or visiting the online store here.