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CFI Guide to Sport Pilot Now Available on NAFI Website
August 25, 2006 - In response to an enormous number of demands from its members, NAFI has created CFI’s Guide to Sport Pilot and Light-Sport Aircraft. This twelve-page handbook provides the information current CFIs need in order to understand the FAA’s recent additions to Federal Aviation Regulations on the topic. NAFI members may download it from the MEMBERS section of their website, www.nafinet.org.

“This is great!” commented Ted Sanders of South Chicago, Illinois. “It presents a clear overview of the whole SP – LSA picture, in a handy form that I can tuck into my flight bag. Folks have asked me sport pilot questions that I wasn’t sure how to answer, and now I’m equipped to point them in the right direction.” The Guide, which members may print and distribute, includes sections addressing the topics most frequently raised by and CFIs alike -- medical issues, private pilots operating as sport pilots, augmenting the privileges of new sport pilots, and converting ultralight pilots. Six appendices present comprehensive charts for such tasks as comparing the privileges of sport, recreational, and private pilots; listing sport pilot endorsements; and distinguishing between sets of aircraft. The CFI Guide is located in the members-only section of the NAFI website, in the pull down menu under NAFI TOOLS.

Many flight instructors have been surprised to learn that they already hold all the qualifications and certification necessary to train sport pilots. In fact, industry experts have remarked that the sole constraint on the growth of the sport pilot segment of general aviation is the limited number of new light-sport aircraft reaching the market – suppliers and manufacturers struggle to match the demand.