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NAFI Selects OnTop Basic ATD Winner
November 6, 2006 - Rick Webber of Spokane, Washington, has won the 2006 OnTop Basic ATD promotion. NAFI Executive Director Rusty Sachs called Webber October 23 to let him know that he had won.

“I was just blown away,” Webber said. “I really didn’t even know that the promotion was going on, and he called me up out of the blue. It was really exciting.”

The second annual drawing was open to anyone who joined or renewed NAFI membership between April 1 and September 30, 2006. The package includes a computer with dual monitors, the OnTop software package, Cirrus II throttle quadrant (with 6 and 3-lever attachments), Cirrus rudder pedals, AV-1 avionics stack, user manual, and an instructional guide with integrated ground and flight training syllabus. The promotion is a joint venture of NAFI and Aviation Supplies and Academics of Seattle, better known in aviation circles as ASA.

Webber, who earned his instrument instructor rating April, is looking forward to using the ATD to improve his students skills, as well as his own. He owns a Piper Cherokee 6 together with his 83-year-old father, also an active pilot.

“I really enjoy teaching others how to fly,” he said. “It’s neat to pass on something that you love doing and watch somebody grow from never having flown -- especially when they solo and pass their checkride. This will really come in handy for that.”