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2006 ‘CFI of the Year’ Releases Stall/Spin Awareness Book
January 19, 2007 - Master Instructor Rich Stowell, NAFI member #8175 and FAA 2006 National Flight Instructor of the Year, has authored a new book, The Light Airplane Pilot's Guide to STALL/SPIN AWARENESS.  The 520-page book draws on stall/spin research as well as Stowell's two decades (and nearly 30,000 spins!) of teaching experience.  It combines 100 years of light airplane research with practical knowledge about the stall/spin environment into one of the most comprehensive guides to stall/spin awareness available.  Appendices offer a compilation of spin recovery information for more than a hundred single- and twin-engine airplanes, including an in-depth analysis of the controversial Piper Tomahawk. For more information or to order online, visit https://www.richstowell.com/order.htm.