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NAFI Seeks Member Input On New NPRM
The Federal Aviation Administration released a Notice of Proposed Rule Making Wednesday February 7. The NPRM proposes more than 100 changes to FAR Parts 61, 91, and 141, and solicits comment from the public.

The FAA describes the proposals as changes necessary to clarify, update, and correct existing regulations. The changes themselves deal with topics as diverse as the duration period for instructor certificates and the training required for use of night vision goggles.

The FAA states the goal of the proposed changes is assurance that flight crewmembers receive the training and qualifications to operate aircraft safely. Citizens have 90 days (until May 8) to offer comments on the proposed rules. NAFI encourages its members to scrutinize the document, which can be found at http://dmses.dot.gov/docimages/p89/450295.pdf, and asks that they provide suggestions and reactions both to the FAA and to NAFI. “NAFI membership is the most knowledgeable population in the world when it comes to flight training,” said NAFI Executive Director Rusty Sachs. “By combining the expertise of these thousands of aviation educators, NAFI has a voice to be heeded.”

NAFI will furnish a comprehensive response to the entire NPRM at the end of the criticism period.