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SafetyPilotClub.com Offers Free Membership To NAFI Members
February 28, 2007 - SafetyPilotClub.com, a community website offering an innovative networking tool to the aviation community, has created a unique website for pilots. The Safety Pilot Club lessens the financial burden associated with general aviation flight by helping pilots to get together.

In an exciting announcement mid-February, Safety Pilot Club is offering FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIPS to all NAFI members. By creating personal Pilot Profiles, members of Safety Pilot Club can communicate with other pilots on both the local and national levels, finding new acquaintances to serve as safety pilots, or simply to share gas costs and bring down the price of that hundred-dollar hamburger.

SafetyPilotClub.com offers pilots a national bulletin board to display flight hours, ratings, endorsements, skills, needs, and their home airports. This profile information compliments the standard message boards, blogs, and picture upload utilities found on other community websites such as MySpace and YouTube.

The value is clear: CFIs tell their students about the website and membership increases. In turn, student pilots can easily keep contact with their mentors and instructors. Flight Instructors also benefit from the increased exposure and the networking opportunities.



1.) Go to SafetyPilotClub.com.

2.) Click “Sign Up” from the left menu bar.

3.) On the Basic Info page enter Promo Code: CUXNER2

4.) Tell your students about us!

Interested pilots of any level are encouraged to make contact with president Joe Riehle: [email protected].

Further info; Joe Riehle, President