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Aircraft Insurance for Sport Pilot Training
By Bob Mackey, Senior Vice President, Falcon Insurance Agency Incorporated

The availability of aircraft insurance was one of the major concerns as EAA and other organizations planned for the roll-out of the new FAA Rules for light sport aircraft and the sport pilot certificate.

I was fortunately able to sit-in on the earlier meetings at EAA Headquarters where EAA staff, NAFI staff, and others from EAA Divisions discussed the importance of a viable infrastructure to support these new venues of recreational aviation. It seems like it was just yesterday. Looking back, “we’ve come a long way, baby.”

The aviation insurance companies, for the most part, have really stepped up to the plate to offer insurance for individual who wish to fly under the sport pilot certificate. In addition, the NAFI instructor professional liability insurance plan was enhanced at the time these new rules were announced to include providing instruction to students taking training in fixed-wing sport pilot-qualified aircraft.

But, what about aircraft insurance for existing flight schools that wish to get into sport pilot training, and what about new flight schools starting out fresh as sport pilot training centersè Just how have they fared in securing aircraft insurance for sport pilot qualified standard category aircraft and light sport category aircraftè

Again, for the most part, some aviation insurance companies have stepped up to offer aircraft insurance for those existing and new flight schools that are getting into sport pilot training. Some aviation insurance companies are taking a wait-and-see approach before they’ll jump in, but at least there are options.

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