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New Opportunities to Participate in NAFI Management

Phil Poynor, chairman of the board of directors of the National Association of Flight Instructors, has announced opportunities for NAFI members to become more involved in the operations and direction of the association. “We have created five committees for member participation,” Poynor explained. “Each committee will be integrally associated with the determination and execution of NAFI policy in coming years.”

All NAFI members are invited to apply for seats on the various committees; no ceiling number has been set for the size of committees. The Professional Standards Committee is the first to ramp up, with others to follow in coming months. Every committee will be active and productive; members will be expected to work energetically in their areas of concern. Examples include preparation and delivery of programs, design of strategic tools, and design, development, and implementation of marketing strategy.

Full descriptions of the committees may be found at http://www.nafinet.org/who/get_involved.html. NAFI members interested in joining the Professional Standards Committee should apply by email to Vice President Sandy Hill at [email protected]. Those with an interest in the other committees should apply by email to [email protected].