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Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Planning Under Way

August 24, 2007 - The annual induction ceremony into EAA’s Sport Aviation Hall of Fame recognizing individuals for their achievements and contributions to aviation in their particular field of interest, will take place on Friday, November 9th, beginning 6:00 PM. It will be an outstanding evening filled with the passion for flight that marks many of our lives. This years inductees are:


EAA Sport Aviation Hall of Fame 2007

VINTAGE – Chet Peek
ULTRALIGHT – Michael Markowski
HOMEBUILDERS – Randy Schlitter
WARBIRDS – Wilson Edwards
AEROBATICS – William Kershner and Debby Rihn-Harvey
FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR – Hal Shevers and Wolfgang Langewiesche



The Hall of Fame was established to honor the outstanding achievements of men and women like yourself who share the spirit of EAA’s founder: a passion for the freedom that flight offers. Those inducted into the Hall of Fame are selected for the myriad of contributions made to their particular realm of flight – and aviation as a whole. You and your guests will join with the members of the Boards of Directors of EAA, its Divisions, Affiliates and Councils in tribute to the pioneering spirit and innovation that has marked the evolution of flight, a spirit that is nurtured and promoted throughout EAA’s membership.

Reservations for the dinner induction ceremony may be made online or by calling 1-800-236-1025.