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NAFI Announces New Executive Director

NAFI Announces New Executive Director


May 19, 2008 - The National Association of Flight Instructors, an EAA affiliate, is pleased to announce that its search for a new Executive Director has successfully concluded. Jason Blair will be joining NAFI in mid-June of this year as NAFI's new full-time head of staff. Jason comes to NAFI from Dodgen Aircraft, in Allegan, MI. Jason is the owner and CEO of this FBO, which currently has offerings of a flight school, aircraft maintenance facility, and paint shop.


Jason's background in aviation is excellent with credentials as a flight instructor, Designated Examiner, and Designated Sport Pilot Examiner. Jason has held a NAFI Master Instructor designation since 2005. Jason's business background is equally strong with significant experience as an airport manager and fund raiser. Jason held responsibilities for airport budgets and was directly responsible for successfully implementing a significant airport expansion project. Jason has been an EAA member since 1994 and a regular attendee of AirVenture.

As NAFI's Executive Director, Jason will be responsible for leading the organization's efforts from it's headquarters in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Jason will be collaborating with the NAFI Board of Directors in the execution of its strategic initiatives as well as the day-to-day operations of the association. Jason will work closely with NAFI's Program Manager, Trish Deimer, in the overall operation of NAFI and its programs both ensuring quality and growth for the organization.

Jason will be relocating from Michigan prior to AirVenture and making his new home here in the Fox Valley. If you are planning on being in at AirVenture this year you will be able to meet Jason in person at the NAFI Flight Instructor Headquarters on the EAA grounds. NAFI is looking forward to the transition with Jason at the helm and the good things to come with his leadership. Jason can be reached at his new e-mail address [email protected] or, starting July 7th, at his new direct line 920-426-6801.

Sean Elliott

NAFI President