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NAFI, FAA Pen Safety-Training Agreement
September 4, 2008 - Pilots may soon get a better, stronger, clearer safety message from their instructors, if a letter of understanding signed this week by the Federal Aviation Administration Safety Team (FAASTeam) and NAFI works as planned.

The letter formalizes a relationship between the two organizations that’s intended to help instructors increase their knowledge of safety and provide better information to their students. As a result, the two organizations expect to create an improved culture of “safety” in general aviation, said Kevin Clover, the FAASTeam national manager.

“Everyone intuitively knows that if you can improve the CFIs, they touch so many people that we make a difference in aviation safety,” Clover said. “NAFI is really key to our efforts in the FAASTeam at changing the safety culture.”

Pilots will receive a standardized safety message across the training industry through safety seminars, training materials, and the FAASTeam’s website, www.FAASafety.gov, said NAFI Executive Director Jason Blair.

“From NAFI’s point of view, this is an opportunity for us to really push our membership to be more involved in the FAASTeam and to help coordinate the materials and standardization of training and information across the industry,” Blair said. “A lot of our members are doing that already, but they’re not doing that in a coordinated fashion.”

This agreement will change that, he said, as industry and government work together for the common goal of improving this training.