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NAFI Board Governance Committee Revising Corporate Bylaws

The NAFI Board has announced that a thorough revision of its corporate bylaws has begun. At a recent meeting of the Board of Directors of NAFI, the Board addressed the concerns of a number of members. Many concerns centered on the NAFI By-laws in general and member involvement in the governance in particular. This substantial task was assigned to the NAFI Governance Committee.

This Committee is charged with keeping the By-Laws current. A number of suggestions have been made that require change not only in the operation but in the structure of NAFI. In order to comply with the requirements of the time, the current bylaws were written in 1995 when NAFI affiliated with EAA. As a result of the affiliation with EAA, NAFI has grown and prospered and our membership has more than doubled. The Chair of the Governance Committee has been working on proposed revisions to the By-Laws by examining procedures and requirements that were drafted at the time of the affiliation but may no longer be relevant or applicable. The proposed revisions will be presented to the entire NAFI Board of Directors when they are finalized.

Given recent member concern, the Governance Committee is committed to giving full consideration to the draft proposals received from any of our members. I want to assure all NAFI members that your comments, requests and suggestions will receive full and due consideration in this revision process. The proposals received so far have been read and are being considered. Most of the changes that have been proposed to our governing structure do require By-Law change. This is not a simple task.

We plan to review governance documents of other peer organizations to determine their best practices and procedures. This process will proceed at all due, deliberate speed and likely will take some time to complete. This revision is a now a top priority for NAFI. We are fully committed to addressing the issues and completing a full revision of the By-Laws as quickly as possible.

The committee will give full consideration to all of the suggestions that have been made including those involving the election of NAFI Directors. The Board agrees that change is appropriate and, as is apparent as a result of the new member committee structure, the goal of the Board is to more directly involve the membership in the operation of the organization. In spite of what some may think, such a change is not that simple. Harry Riggs, Carl Fry and Jay Eggspuehler, who comprise the NAFI Governance Committee and who are attorneys, are actively participating in the process.

It is the goal that before our next Board meeting we will have a complete revised set of By-Laws to submit to the Directors for their review so that we can discuss them at that meeting and vote on them at that time or shortly thereafter. All of us, including EAA, want this project completed as quickly as possible but also as professionally as possible.