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NAFI Bylaws Revision Communication
The Board of Directors of the National Association of Flight Instructors in pursuit of its continuous, ongoing review and in response to recent member requests, is undertaking revision of the Bylaws that govern the organization.  The current format of Bylaws for NAFI has been in place since the affiliation of the organization with EAA in 1995.  As the needs of the organization and its members change there is an ongoing need for review and revision of the Bylaws. The Board has directed its Governance Committee to develop revised Bylaws as soon as reasonably possible.


The Board welcomes and solicits your direct input in regard to the current process of revising the Bylaws. A dedicated email address has been established to allow you to provide your comments directly to the NAFI Board Governance Committee for consideration. We are anxious to hear your ideas and approaches in regard to the current revision of the NAFI Bylaws. Any comments received by Friday, December 5th will be considered in this revision of the bylaws. Comments received after date will be kept on file for future revisions.

If you have specific ideas or issues that you believe should be addressed, please contact the Governance Committee and submit your input as part of this process. Please direct your proposals to the following email address: [email protected]. If you would like to review the current Bylaws of NAFI for reference, they can be viewed at http://www.nafinet.org/image/news/NAFI%20By-Laws%20Rev%20Nov%202%202007.pdf.

While your input is being collected and considered, we feel it important to express certain goals in regard to the revision of the NAFI Bylaws. First, the Governance Committee is collecting and evaluating some of the “best practices” which have been developed and tested in regard to the governance of other nonprofit and professional organizations. This process will allow the Board to help develop a set of Bylaws that is tailored to the requirements of today’s organization, the affiliation with EAA and the needs of the membership.

Some of the key points that will be addressed in regard to this current revision process include the following:

• The NAFI Board is committed to the Bylaw revision process. The specific revisions will be determined by thoroughly analyzing member comments, by carefully reviewing the bylaws of other nonprofit membership organizations and by carefully undertaking the review and drafting process.

• The NAFI Board is committed to the direct election of a number of board positions by the NAFI members and the current thought of the Board is to hold open elections for these positions.


The existing Governance Committee will continue to review the Bylaws and all related governance documents of the organization. This committee is comprised of Board members Harry Riggs, Chair, Carl Fry and Jay Eggspuehler. Each of these individuals are dedicated NAFI members who are committed to a professional and careful approach to the revision process.

The Board welcomes and actively solicits input from all of the members of NAFI. One way this will be accomplished is through a previously planned member survey that will now undergo some revision and will then be administered in the near future. This survey is intended to, among other things, offer an opportunity for the NAFI members to give input regarding their view of the organization and its programs. We strongly encourage all members to complete and return the survey when it becomes available.

Thanks for your input and consideration as NAFI and the Board of Directors work to do everything possible to improve and expand the organization to better serve all of the members of NAFI.