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NAFI Board Transitions

OSHKOSH, WI January 20, 2009—Today the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) conducted a meeting that included the annual election of the Board of Directors. At this meeting two members of the Board of Directors were not re-elected to future terms of service.

In the short term, the seats vacated by the departing board members will remain empty and be filled at a future date. The board and program management responsibilities of these positions will be shared among remaining board members and NAFI executive staff until the Board positions are filled.

The board committee working on the bylaws update project is reviewing a number of proposed changes to ensure that NAFI’s structure allows for growth and optimal member service. “NAFI is charting a great course forward and will rely on the careful planning of the board and input of its members to guide it,” Blair, executive director, said.

Proposed changes will allow NAFI members a voice in the election of members of the Board. NAFI is also working to create more opportunities for member involvement in the leadership of NAFI throughout the year.

The logistical process for allowing membership voting and input is currently in development but in the interim, members are invited to nominate individuals for consideration for service on the Board. Blair stated that “While the exact process is yet to be finalized, I welcome nominations with corresponding resumes or biographical histories of the nominees be sent to the NAFI office to be included in the review and selection process as it becomes finalized.”

NAFI is looking forward to continuing growth and improvement of the organization, taking it even further than the success it has achieved in the past decade. NAFI strives to make pragmatic, fact-driven decisions with members in mind at every turn. With the dramatic growth NAFI has seen in the last decade, some growing pains are a fact of life. The NAFI board is doing everything within its power to provide added value and program stability for membership.

NAFI membership has more than doubled in the past 15+ years. With a significant benefit from formal affiliation with EAA 13 years ago, the contribution of the board and the dedication of members, NAFI hopes to do the same in the next 15 years. While NAFI is proud to be affiliated with EAA, it also appreciates the respect EAA’s leadership has for NAFI Board autonomy.

“NAFI is charting a great course forward and will rely on the careful planning of its board and input of its members to guide it,” Blair said.

“On behalf of the Board, we wish to thank our outgoing board members for their many years of dedicated service to NAFI,” Blair continued. “JoAnn Hill and Sandy Hill made significant contributions to the organization. The strength and vision they brought to NAFI helped bring us to today, and gives us an excellent foundation for the future.”

About NAFI

Founded in 1967, NAFI’s mission is to raise and maintain the professional standing of the flight instructor in the aviation community. NAFI recognizes that flight instructors are truly the “teachers of flight” as well as the front line for “quality control” in our aviation world. For more information about NAFI, please visit www.nafinet.org