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National Association of Flight Instructors Currently Updating Bylaws

Proposed changes include an expanded role for members in leadership elections

OSHKOSH, WI January 21, 2009—the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) previously announced that it would conduct a review and revision the organization’s bylaws, designed in part to provide new opportunities for member engagement and representation on the Board.

Over the past decade, NAFI membership has grown by leaps and bounds, nearly doubling in 15 years. The NAFI board’s governance committee is committed to updating the bylaws to reflect the impact of this growth and as a response to membership comments requesting representation on the Board.

“It’s great to see how our instructor community is growing, and the energy members bring to improving NAFI,” board chairman Phil Poynor said. “We need to make sure that our administrative structure can support this expansion and prepare us for the future.”

Anticipated revisions include a change to the board election process, giving all NAFI members a voice in the election process of the Board.

NAFI executive director Jason Blair looks forward to increased member involvement in the board election process. “By giving members a chance to vote on leadership, we can learn from them about the issues and opportunities on the horizon,” he said.

The ultimate goal of the update is to create “best practices” to help move the organization forward.

NAFI members submitted many ideas and opinions, which are now being analyzed and discussed by the subcommittee. The committee is carefully weighing the options on many issues and making thoughtful, deliberate decisions about the changes they propose to the board at large.

The Governance Committee has also been reviewing bylaws of similar non-profit and aviation organizations along with the proposed bylaws and other governance documents as drafted by a group of NAFI members. The bylaws update proposal should be completed for consideration by Board members at the Spring 2009 NAFI Board of Directors meeting.

“The NAFI leadership is dedicated to reflecting the needs and vision of all its members,” Poynor said. “Without them, we have no reason to exist. We hope these updates will give our members every opportunity to teach the next generation of pilots, and even prepare new teachers for the generations to come.”

About NAFI

Founded in 1967, NAFI’s mission is to raise and maintain the professional standing of the flight instructor in the aviation community. NAFI recognizes that flight instructors are truly the “teachers of flight” as well as the front line for “quality control” in our aviation world. For more information about NAFI, please visit www.nafinet.org