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NAFI Governance Committee to Meet to Propose Bylaws Change

February 3, 2009 - The National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) previously announced January 22nd that it would conduct a review and revision the organization's bylaws. As previously announced, this review is intended, in part, to provide new opportunities for member engagement and representation on the Board of Directors.

The Board Governance Committee is scheduled to meet in mid-March to continue work on this project. The members of the committee (Harry Riggs, Chairman, Carl Fry, and Jay Eggspuehler) will meet to develop final proposals Bylaws changes to present to full Board at its upcoming Spring meeting. Board Chairman, Phil Poynor will also attend as an ex officio member of the committee.

Among other issues under consideration are provisions to give NAFI members a voice in the board election process.

This process has included the collection and review of a number of sources. These include information and suggestions from a number of members, an excellent piece on Governance that was suggested by one of our Master CFIs, bylaws of similar non-profit and aviation organizations along with proposed bylaws and other governance documents drafted by a group of NAFI members. To take additional input from members, we have reopened our [email protected] address and invite your further input.

The Governance Committee will present the results of this meeting to the full Board of Directors at the Spring 2009 NAFI Board of Directors meeting.