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Important Information about the NAFI Master Instructor Program

April 2, 2009 - A number of NAFI Master Instructors have received notifications and claims from Sandy and JoAnn Hill (under Master Instructors, LLC.) that they must renew their Master Instructor Designation with them and not with NAFI. This is not true. NAFI continues to operate the NAFI Master Instructor program as it has since 1997. Application is made to NAFI. The application is processed at NAFI headquarters and the portfolio of activities is reviewed by our Master Instructor Review Board. The Master Instructor Review Board serves as part of our member Professional Standards Committee. We no longer use the services of Sandy and/or JoAnn Hill, Two Hills Aviation or any other outside organization or individuals to award or renew NAFI Master Instructor designations.

The release by Master Instructor, LLC claims that an approval by it qualifies the applicant for: “Renewal of an unexpired flight instructor certificate”. NAFI has confirmed with FAA that this statement is untrue and that NAFI’s Master Instructor Program remains the sole Master Instructor Program that is recognized or approved by the FAA as a means of CFI renewal.

Their message stated that NAFI has “received two ‘cease and desist’ orders” stop using claimed intellectual property rights related to the NAFI Master Instructor program. This is simply false. There has been no action filed by Master Instructor LLC or award made by any court that has resulted in the issuance of a “cease and desist order” against NAFI with respect to the NAFI Master Instructor Program.

NAFI maintains it rights to its trademarks with regard to the NAFI Master Instructor program.

Any Flight Instructors that have renewed their Flight Instructor Certificate through the NAFI Master Instructor Program should read carefully the attached letter of authorization from the FAA. Our authorization to use the Master Instructor designation for CFI renewal contains a very specific requirement on instructors so affected:

1. The Master Instructor Renewal candidate must be the holder of a valid and current flight instructor certificate, and must continue to maintain his/her Master Instructor NAFI designation.

Additionally, as a reminder, in order to continue to hold a NAFI Master Instructor designation, it is a requirement to maintain your NAFI membership.

Therefore, any NAFI Master Instructor that renewed his or her Flight Instructor Certificate on the basis of the NAFI Master Instructor program who relinquishes or fails to maintain either their NAFI membership or NAFI Master Instructor status for the duration of that certificate may be voiding their Flight Instructor certificate.

NAFI developed and has been the sponsor of the Master Instructor program from its inception. The program was jointly developed by the work of a number of people on behalf of NAFI. This included the NAFI Executive Director, NAFI Board members and NAFI members. The program was submitted to FAA for CFI renewal by NAFI’s Executive Director. NAFI, as an organization, has provided and will continue to prove the resources to support, maintain and administer the NAFI Master Instructor program. The designation has been and will continue to be awarded by the National Association of Flight Instructors, as an organization, and not by individual members of that organization.

NAFI Master Instructors or instructors considering seeking the designation should rest assured that NAFI stands solidly behind our long standing program. We understand the value you place in the NAFI Master Instructor designation and we are here to support you in your application process and CFI renewal if you are seeking that. We stand ready to provide whatever assistance you might need. Meanwhile, we are also working to improve the program in ways that have been suggested by our members, our Professional Standards Committee/Board of Review and the FAA. It is NAFI’s intent to maintain the integrity of this highly respected program.

Should NAFI Master Instructors have any questions relating to the status of their designation or renewal process, please contact the NAFI office at 920-426-6801 or via email at [email protected].

Original MCFI Program Proposal to FAA 2002

NAFI Master Instructor FAA Authorization 2002