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FAA Extends NAFI’s Master Instructor Program CFI Renewal Authorization

April 3, 2009 - On April 1st, the FAA extended NAFI’s authorization to use the NAFI Master Instructor designation for renewal of a Flight Instructor Certificate.

NAFI has been working with the FAA to improve the Master Instructor program and requested the 120 day renewal in order to present procedural modifications to the administrative process we employ to designate Master Instructors and maintain their records.

The extension is another example of NAFI and FAA working together to promote excellence in flight instruction throughout the industry.

In recent emails , Sandy and JoAnn Hill and other supporters have claimed to NAFI members that NAFI no longer has the authorization to renew flight instructor certificates through the NAFI Master Instructor designation. This information is simply not true and is yet another example of false and/or misleading information being distributed by this group.

NAFI has been dedicated to the NAFI Master Instructor program since its inception and has consistently worked with the FAA since its authorization for CFI renewal in 2002. NAFI looks forward to continuation and expansion of this program in the future.

So that you can be completely confident in the validity of this program and its ability to be used as a flight instructor renewal, please refer to the attached copy of the FAA extension of authorization.

Should you have any questions relating to the application or renewal for the designation of a NAFI Master Instructor, please contact the NAFI office at 920-426-6801 or via email at [email protected].

FAA NAFI MCFI CFI Renewal Extension 2009