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Recently, NAFI sent notice to all NAFI Master Instructors that one requirement to maintain the NAFI Master Instructor designation was continued NAFI membership. This is a requirement of NAFI with respect to NAFI Master Instructor designation. This was in response to some NAFI Master Instructors that announced that they were going to resign their NAFI Master Instructor designation.  The basis of our concern and cautionary notice was FAA language contained in the original letter of approval of the Master Instructor designation meeting the requirements for CFI renewal:
Therefore, the NAFI Master Instructor Continuing Education Program is approved as a means to renew a FAA Flight Instructor Certificate provided the following conditions are met:
1.     The Master Instructor renewal candidate must be the holder of a valid and current flight instructor certificate, and must continue to maintain his/her Master Instructor NAFI designation;  (for a copy of the full FAA letter go to: www.nafinet.org )
NAFI understood this language to mean that in order to maintain a flight instructor certificate issued on the basis of the NAFI Master Instructor designation, the NAFI Master Instructor needed to maintain the Master Instructor designation throughout the full term of the CFI certificate renewed in this manner.
NAFI was concerned about the ramifications that this possibly presented and the unintended impact this could have on former NAFI Master Instructors. We are pleased to note, however, that in recent discussions with the FAA, FAA has advised that it doesn’t interpret continued membership or designation to be required to maintain a CFI certificate renewed via the NAFI Master Instructor Program.
The FAA recognizes that the NAFI Master Instructor program highlights the efforts of dedicated and skilled instructors, and the NAFI Master Instructor accreditation remains an attractive option for instructors seeking to renew their certificates.
NAFI is currently working on revisions to the overall program that will also help further clarify any confusion that may have developed, and while NAFI works on those improvements to the program, it continues to work with the FAA to maintain the renewal status. NAFI expects to announce the improvements to the program in the near future.

To view the original agreement letter click here.