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New accreditation emphasizes active flight instruction, other professional experience

NAFI HEADQUARTERS, OSHKOSH, Wis. — (June 16, 2009) — The National Association of Flight Instructors is building on its highly successful NAFI Master Flight Instructor Program by adding a new intermediate level, called the NAFI Associate Master Flight Instructor.

The NAFI Associate Master Flight Instructor is a great way for accomplished instructors who aspire to even greater levels of professionalism to be recognized for their work and accomplishments. It is the first of several scheduled enhancements to the NAFI Master Flight Instructor program.

“Development of this new level within NAFI’s Master Flight Instructor program results from revision work on the program that began more than a year ago,” said Jason Blair, NAFI’s executive director. “NAFI Master Flight Instructors and members made input to the process, especially flight instructors who had considered the Master Instructor accreditation but felt that it lacked focus on instructional activity. The revised program puts particular emphasis on active instruction.”

The NAFI Associate Master Flight Instructor accreditation is also a first step at becoming a full NAFI Master Flight Instructor, while indicating a level of accomplishment above that of the average flight instructor. The Associate accreditation requires an instructor to have at least 500 hours of dual flight instruction given to students along with variety of other current (within the past two years) teaching and professional experience over the previous two years.

“This associate level is a great opportunity for those instructors who are beginning their instructional careers to have a mid-level goal,” Blair said. “They can direct their continued learning and instructional activity to increase their marketability, skill, and ability to serve their customers. Those designated as a NAFI Associate Master Flight Instructor have proven that they are true practitioners of flight instruction with recent experience.

“It puts initial accreditation within the reach of many beginning instructors and develops a path for these instructors to follow should they choose to become a full NAFI Master Flight Instructor later in their careers.”

For more than a decade, the NAFI Master Instructor program has been accrediting those practitioners of flight instruction who perform at a higher level within the aviation industry. The improvements that have been made in this revision of the program represent the next step in increasing the credibility of the program and those who are accredited under it.

To find more information about the NAFI Master Flight Instructor Program or for application documents visit www.nafinet.org and click on “Program Description and Benefits” under the Master Instructor or go directly to http://www.nafinet.org/mastercfi/index.html.

NAFI was founded in 1967 and is dedicated to raising and maintaining the professional standing of flight instructors throughout the nation, as well as providing a safe and effective learning situation for students. In addition, NAFI initiates education and support programs throughout the aviation industry. The organization affiliated with EAA in 1995.